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    Wanted: Mandibuzz

    Hey, I need a Mandibuzz to help complete my Unova Pokedex. I will offer a Braviary in return or Any starter pokemon, Pikachu, and Zorua Show offers below! (Note: If you dont want anything in particular in return tell me in your post.)
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    Wanted: Squirtle, Treeko

    Hi, I would like to complete my collection of starters. So I need Squirtle and Treeko. I will offer any other starter Pokemon for these. Show offers below! Pokemon must be LEGAL. Level, nature, ability, move set does not matter.
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    Reuniclus and Gothitelle

    Hi, I have Pokemon White version. Which makes Solosis's evolutionary line common in my game. But i want a Pokemon that is version exclusive to Pokemon Black Version. Gothitelle. I will offer a Reuniclus in return for a Gothitelle. Show offers below!
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    Starters Needed

    Offer Status: Closed Hi, I am trying to get all the starters on my Pokemon White game. In return I will offer other starter Pokemon. Has to be LEGAL. Nature,level, ability,move set, gender do not matter to me. Here is what I have to offer: (Note: I must breed the Pokemon requested first...
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    Charmander Wanted

    Hi, I am looking for a Charmander. It has to be LEGAL and nature,move set, and level do not matter. If you would like I will offer Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Cyndaquil, or Totodile in return. All will be level 1 with random natures.