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    Because I moved to a new home.

    Because I moved to a new home.
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    Yeah, I had no internet access for a while.

    Yeah, I had no internet access for a while.
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    What's up?

    What's up?
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    Who do you prefer, Dawn's Piplup or Ash's Oshawott?

    Oh sweet! A troll thread! Ash's Oshawott.
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    Best Wishes Rivalries

    Yeah, keep dreaming.
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    Welcome to Bulbagarden!
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    Kibago the next Togepi?-Looking Back

    Are you...are you seriously comparing Axew with Togepi? Dude...
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    PREVIEW: BW Movie 01 Speculation Thread - "Victini and the Dark/Light Hero: Zekrom/Reshiram"

    Re: BW Movie 01 Speculation Thread - "Victini and the Dark/Light Hero: Zekrom/Reshira uhh....what was that?
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    What is the story behind Iris' Excadrill?

    She probably tricked Excadrill in order to capture him.
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    Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    A giant sea lion drooling over a little flying squirrel...ew. But then again, this is Pokemon. Derp!
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    Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    And then, Emolga proceeds to ignore him. Earning us a Dewott wtf face.
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    Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    Probably Oshawott.
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    Welcome to Bulbagarden!
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    I stopped for 10 years...

    Welcome to Bulbagarden!
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    As I train behind the desk...

    Welcome to Bulbagarden!
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    Welcome to Bulbagarden!
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    RULES: Signature Rule Update

    No problem.
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    RULES: Signature Rule Update

    Yes it will. You are okay.
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    Caption the screenshots!

    They just discovered fanfiction.net