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  1. Warrior of Fire

    The Nickname Help Thread

    Ever have trouble coming up with a nickname for your Pokémon? Want something different than what you usually use? Doing a Nuzlocke and want a list of possible nicknames for whatever you might catch? Then you've come to the right place. Just state what you need, and even post and ideas to help...
  2. Warrior of Fire

    GEN VII: LF: A bunch of Eevee

    I'm trying to get all of the UBs available in Sun with competitive natures, and I want to catch them myself. So, to do that, I want an Eevee of every non-neutral nature without their hidden abilities so I can evolve them into Espeon and/or Umbreon (simplest way to have Synchronize). I've already...
  3. Warrior of Fire

    TEEN: Yu-Gi-Oh! Gates of Time

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Gates of Time (YGO GoT) is a Yu-Gi-Oh fan-fiction series written entirely by myself, Warrior of Fire, and uses original characters created by me (occasionally with some outside help). Anime characters will make regular appearances, but are not main characters to the plot. YGO GoT is...
  4. Warrior of Fire

    GEN VI: Vivillon patterns

    I'm working on completing a Vivillon collection (mostly for the dex and would have no problems trading them away afterwards), and I need most of the region-specific patterns. Because I'm doing this mainly for all of Vivillon's patterns in the dex, I'm going to list the ones I have already, those...
  5. Warrior of Fire

    GEN VI: 6IV Ditto - non-English preferred but not required - COMPLETE

    The title says it all. As for what I can offer, I don't have much now, but if you have something in particular that you want and I can breed, I'll get it bred for you. Depending on what you ask for determines if I can get it for you before or after I get the 6IV Ditto. The only thing that I...
  6. Warrior of Fire

    or GEN VI: Mew

    So, I ended up having a Mew that I was unable to transfer from White 2 to Bank, so I'm after one in either gen. Language doesn't matter, but it must be legit. And if you still have it in Gen V and still want to keep it, I do have a cloning code so I can return the original to you (that is a...
  7. Warrior of Fire

    Pokémon Breeding Services (non-competitive)

    Since I completed the national Pokédex yesterday with the GameStop shiny Giratina, I've decided to start a breeding service. Basically, if it can be bred, I can get it for you. Overall, I offer four subdivisions of this service: eggs, gender-specific, ability-specific, and nature-specific (I...
  8. Warrior of Fire

    Help needed for National Pokédex

    So, a little while ago, I had one of these threads on a much smaller scale, for the completion of the New Unova Pokédex. Thanks to the help of several individuals here on BMGf, that was accomplished without much problem. Well, now, I'm asking for help again, this time for the National dex...
  9. Warrior of Fire

    Need the item(s) listed

    As the thread title says, I'm after any of these Pokémon in the Unova Pokédex in BW2, four of them Black 2 exclusives (two of them can be found in White 2, which I've got, but they're so rare that they're effectively exclusive to B2 without trading/cheating) and one of them an event-exclusive...
  10. Warrior of Fire

    Dream Radar Pokemon looking for good homes

    So thanks to Dream Radar, my copy of White 2 has a bunch of extra Pokémon that I don't have the time to raise properly, mostly Bronzors. At the time of this post, my second box contains 13 Bronzors, five Ralts, a Patrat (okay, that one's not from Dream Radar and is instead a duplicate catch...
  11. Warrior of Fire

    character description in the fic

    So, as anyone who's read any good work of fiction, the author gives a fitting description as to a character's appearance so you can picture what they'd look like whenever a new important character appears. I'm not really good at that part, but I am good at giving basic descriptions in the...
  12. Warrior of Fire

    Pokemon Platinum DX OOC

    sign-up thread: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f424/pokemon-platinum-dx-149765/ game thread: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f424/pokemon-platinum-dx-149889/ ______________________________________________________________________ Here's the OOC thread for Pokemon Platinum DX. And that's all I've got...
  13. Warrior of Fire

    Start Ups Pokemon Platinum DX

    sign-up thread: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f424/pokemon-platinum-dx-149765/ OOC thread: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f429/pokemon-platinum-dx-ooc-149899/ ______________________________ "'Pokemon are by our side, always. I hope you will understand the meaning of those words.' "That was the...
  14. Warrior of Fire

    Sign Ups Pokemon Platinum DX

    main thread: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f424/pokemon-platinum-dx-149889/ OOC thread: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f429/pokemon-platinum-dx-ooc-149899/ ______________________________________________________________ Pokemon Platinum DX (Deluxe) is an expanded telling of Pokemon Platinum Version...
  15. Warrior of Fire

    the Fire master is here

    God, I'm never good at these things. Never know what to say. Anyway, I'm Warrior of Fire. As my username may suggest, my favorite Pokemon type is fire. I typically go with the fire starter when I start a new game. So far, my favorite game has been Diamond, beating the Elite Four with a full...