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    Blog Images

    Hey, I have a really pathetic question, but it's one that I would like to be answered please. It appears that the tenth image on my blogs never appears. It isn't the image or image link itself, as even when I change the position, it works the same. The limit according to SaturnYoshi and a...
  2. L

    Image limit in posts.

    What is the image limit for posts? Has it changed recently? Also, do the default forum emoticons count as images? :-/:drool::flinch:
  3. L

    The British National Party & Nick Griffin

    Firstly, let it be said loud and clear. This is a debate on immigration and, to an extent, religion - not race. It's here in big letters for you to see. This man is Nick Griffin. He is the leader of the British National Party and is claimed to be 'the most loathed man in Britain. He is a man...
  4. L

    The Vigilante

    Firstly [waffly introduction, feel free to skip], I have never wrote a fanfic before so this is my first time (as much as I hate being a newb at things, I am). That being said I do love creative writing. I apologise about the incredibly creative title (-.-) but ye. Sorry it's basic, I wanted...
  5. L


    Hey all. (: I'm new to the forums, but it seems great to be here already (even if it did take me some time to find the introductory thread, but hey, I found it).