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    GEN VI: HA Qwilfish

    Hello everyone.I am in need of a Qwilfish with the ability Intimidate.I can give on return any pokemon for dex barring legendaries,plenty of pokemon with their hidden ability and almost any item.
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    GEN VI: Shroomish/Breloom with Drain Punch.

    I'm looking for either a Shroomish or a Breloom with Drain Punch and preferably with the hidden ability too.I can offer almost any pokemon and lots of items so ask whatever you want.Also,I usually make threads like these once in a while and I dont know if I can do it any other way or if it's...
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    GEN VI: Staryu/Starmie with hidden ability

    Hello everyone!I am looking for either Staryu or Starmie with the ability Analytic.It is only available from the 5th gen so I would really appreciate your help.I can almost any pokemon in return so feel free to ask.
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    GEN VI: Hidden Ability Emolga and Charizardite Y.

    As the titles says I am looking for Emolga with Motor Drive and Charizardite Y.I have a completed Pokedex so ask me what you want in return.I can also buy any item with battle points.
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    GEN VI: Shiny Flabebe exchange

    Hi everyone.I caught a blue shiny Flabebe but I was going for Orange/White.If someone has one of these two shiny formes and want the blue one I could gladly do the trade.
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    GEN VI: Foreign Roselia for Masuda method!!

    Hello guys I want a foreign Roselia and my game language is English.I also want it to have perfect IVs(all 31 except Attack) and if female,Natural Cure ability..I have bred Crobat Mienshao Exploud Chesnaught Delphox Sableye Lanturn Zangoose Slowking Whimsicott so I can give you good leftovers...
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    Looking for DW females and event Chansey with Wish

    So as the title says I'm looking for a Chansey with the move Wish which is a 3rd generation event exlusive and I don't have.I prefer it to be flawless or at least have a nature that boosts Sp.Defence but offer me even if it does not meet these requirements.I accept clones as long as they are...