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    What version is better? Black or white?

    What version should I get for my birthday? Black or white? :awww::love::angel: lol
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    ~+~Susan's Sprite Shop~+~(Now taking requests)

    ~+~STAFF~+~ Owner/HeadSpriter~ SusanMontez My Work can be seen here. Co-Owner~ ~+~Rules~+~ 1. All GTS+ rules apply 2. Wait at least one week before harrassing me for your results 3. You can make more than one request in your post (max is 6 per post) 4. No double posting (unless you...
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    Greetings from GPX+!!!!

    Hey, Some of you may know me from gpxplus.net. Yes I know I am new here but I hope we can be friends and that I can someday (with the help of some friends) make a website just as good as GPX+ and pokefarm. Thanks for letting me join! ~+~SusanMontez~+~