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    Hot and Cold (Me and Hypersonic!)

    (( Hypersonic; )) Sunrise. The start of a new day. For normal people, at least. Not for 15-year old Luna. Sunrise would mean the end of the day for her. Time to go to sleep. Except for today. Today was the big day! Luna had thought about this day ever since she got her starter. The day...
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    MLP: The Circus Comes to Town (Me and Godzillawolf!)

    Characters: Plot: A mysterious carnival arrives in Ponyville, with a ringmaster named Sakak. Twilight and friends soon discover Sakak is actually a Draconequus like Discord, his younger brother in fact, but as the Spirit of Mischief only desires to spread laughs and fun, and one of his...
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    Fallout: Unova (Fallout - Pokémon crossover)

    First off: this is my second attempt at starting an RP, so please bear with me if I mess up. Plot: The Aspiring Wastelander's Guide to The Post-Apocalyptic Unova Post-apocalyptic Unova is a hostile place. Many of its pittoresque towns and great cities have been reduced to rubble and...
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    The Great Hoenn Invasion (me and KantoMasta)

    KantoMasta ''BREAKING NEWS! This just in! A few hours ago, the Hoenn Coast Guard reported to have spotted the JKNS Victory Road near the coast of Lilycove City! Tensions between the Johto-Kanto Alliance and Hoenn have been rising over a few months, but would they risk an all-out war? Well...
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    Anybody wanna do a PRP with me?

    Title tells, really. Tried this once, but I never got a response from that guy, so here's take two. My RP interests are in (mature) military-themed RPs and Pokémon, mostly, but I'm open to other themes/ideas as well. Shoot me a VM/PM if you're interested.
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    Anybody here interested in doing a PRP with me?

    Since I want to get back in RP business, I really wanna RP with someone again, but I avoid public RPs like a plague, so I'll just ask if anybody is interested in doing a PRP with me here. As for RP theme, anything goes; however, I prefer non-Pokémon RPs. I'm not ridiculously picky about my...
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    Half-Life 2 RP (Me and Gordon Freeman) (Placeholder title...)

    OoC: Well, I guess we both know the plot, right? If you want, you can make the introductory post.
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    War of the five regions (Me and Meguroco or whatever name he has right nao)

    Plot: A economic crisis is ravaging the Pokémon world. Tensions are high between the regions. Sinnoh and Hoenn, as island regions, have sided with each other and have combined their Navies. Meanwhile, all land nations have set their eyes on Sinnoh's rich lands, and Johto has staged an assault...
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    BB-62 (Non-Pokémon, war-themed RP)

    Funafuti, Ellice Islands 22th of January, 1944 Re: Assignment to USS New Jersey Welcome to USS New Jersey, sailor! This ship is one of the finest battleships in the whole U.S. Navy! You should be proud to be accepted on board of this vessel! Now, board the ship, make yourself at home...
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    PMD: Destruction of Earth (VF-31 and Allen Walker)

    Plot: For hundreds of years the Shaymin have lived with the Humans, away from other Pokémon. But, one day, the Shaymin had to seek out their Pokémon Brotheren for help... they had heard a rumor that Arceus was trying to destroy the flower garden! With their old friends, the two Shaymin journey...
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    Operation: Golden Serpent (JS and Esrver)

    Juliet Sierra and Esrver only OOC: Wanna start or...?
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    H.A.W.X. Trials and Tribulations (Soap and Server)

    SOAP AND SERVER ONLY Plot: After the death of a downed USAF pilot, a pretty famous one. The USAF had shut down, losing confidence in themselves. They got an email from Artemis sending an invitation to fight in the war. They got motivated, and this is where we are now. OOC: Alright, you...
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    The Battle for Isshu (Soap and Esrver only!)

    OOC: Here goes... BIC: Victory was walking through a forest. ''What a lovely day!'' She muttered. Suddenly, an artillery shell struck the ground next to her, knocking her out. When she woke up, her vision was blurred, and all she could see were jet fighters flying above her, apparently in a...
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    The Shadow Of Arceus (PRIVATE)

    This RPG is only for: Aeris Metaknightwillrise --------- Silver and Pink were walking through the forest as usual and were heading for their Berry Tree garden. ''Silver... Did you ever hear about a Pokémon named Arceus?'' Pink asked. ''No, why?'' ''Well, I read about him in one of Dad's...
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    The newest newb in town.

    Hey people, im the newest newb around here so that means i have to introduce myself. I'm a 12-year old kid who became a fan about 2 months ago on vacation while playing Emerald. I was already thinking about joining this community and i'm finally here and i think i'm staying. So, i say hi to y'all!