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  1. Flynn

    PREVIEW: Pocket Monsters the series (2019)

    That and because the new series shares the same logo with the AU movies.
  2. Flynn

    Is the English dub on its last legs?

    A ratings drop is pretty much a given when you go from a basic cable channel to a premium cable channel. How are the ratings compared to other shows on Disney XD?
  3. Flynn

    PREVIEW: Pocket Monsters the series (2019)

    Yes, they are. View: https://imgur.com/tGwYtLt
  4. Flynn

    PREVIEW: Pocket Monsters the series (2019)

    I just randomly remembered the Pokemon Masters animated shorts and I'm very happy PM didn't wind up using that god awful art style like some people were expecting.
  5. Flynn

    REVIEW: SM131: Musashi VS Kojirō! Battlefield of Truth and Love!!

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WFM5TFKS8o
  6. Flynn

    REVIEW: SM145: The Sun, the Moon, and Everyone's Dreams!

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJWuzXXh-oQ
  7. Flynn

    PREVIEW: Pocket Monsters the series (2019)

    They look good. I wish James's hair was a bit sharper but oh well. That's a mecha, not new pokemon.
  8. Flynn

    Controversial opinions

    I like Tracey and all but imagine how much more boring Johto would've been if he was there instead of Brock.
  9. Flynn

    Does anyone think that filler episodes can be good?

    Fillers are secretly the best part of the show.
  10. Flynn

    PREVIEW: M22: Mewtwo's Counterattack Evolution

    Hyped for the soundtrack. Hopefully Ai's backstory is included in the film.
  11. Flynn

    Lamest lines you've ever heard on the show

    Add this to the pile View: https://twitter.com/Saberspark/status/1085732127528882176
  12. Flynn

    PREVIEW: SM103: A Passionate Heart That Can Smash Even Rock! Lychee and Takeshi!!

    Adamant likes translating the nicknames for whatever reason. IIRC he did the same for Lillie's Vulpix and Puni-chan.
  13. Flynn

    NEWS: Unshō Ishizuka (voice of the narrator, Prof. Oak, and Samson Oak) has died of cancer.

    They're using archived audio for Charjabug and Toucannon so probably the same case for Charizard.
  14. Flynn

    Original series- What Kind of Pokémon Are You? question (Pikachu's Jukebox)

    It's from "Riddle Me This". I never knew they changed the verse though I guess its not really surprising.
  15. Flynn

    How well is the anime doing, Ratings wise?

    Where'd you find the DP ratings?
  16. Flynn

    MUSIC: The Background Music Thread

    03:58 is Hau's theme. Not sure about the rest.
  17. Flynn

    MUSIC: The Background Music Thread

    There was a livestream commemorating the show moving to Sundays and they played about 20 minutes worth of unreleased SM anime music before it started. There's more at the end too. 劇場版ポケットモンスター みんなの物語 @pokemon_movie Music starts 20 seconds in.
  18. Flynn

    Things you wish that did NOT happen in the anime

    BW Rockets. I've come around on a lot of aspects about BW over the years but the TRio turning into soulless robots will forever be unforgivable to me.
  19. Flynn

    How to identify different animation supervisors

    Takeda's Meowth has always looked off to me; particularly his head shape and side profile. I also really dislike how short Jessie's hair is in episodes supervised by him. It should be long and voluminous.