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    Changes or Improvements you would like to see in Best Wishes?

    Now that Dimond and Pearl is closing to an end, what sort of things were disappointing for you during this series that you would like to see changed or improved over the course of the next series? I would like the series to be longer than 190 episodes, no fillers and Ash to catch more than 4...
  2. F

    The path you choose (The plot)

    So, the choices you choose will effect the plot, pretty interesting if you ask me. Though, if you go with the good choice all the way and vice versa will there be two alternative endings? or will it still end up in one big dream ending? I'm guessing alternating between good and bad choice...
  3. F

    The professor's research

    Not sure if it's been announced on what she researches, but what do you think she is researching on? So far, we had: Oak with Friendship between Pokémon and Human Elm with Breeding Birch with Habitat Rowan with Evolution Araragi with ???
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    New theme, like it or hate it?

    What do you think of the new SLV theme? here's the link IMO, it felt rushed, the song itself is good but the voice, to me, kinda killed it.
  5. F

    The Remakes

    Lets just jump the shark already. RS remakes. Do you want it? What Improvements do you want to see? What do you think the names will be?
  6. F

    Fusions/Splices/ whatever you call it

    Nothing new... just showing some off my fusions I've made. Note: This hazardous experiment was cause by boredom. Wailterra: Seadaunt: Porytwig: Pikadude: Goltar: Charticuno:
  7. F

    Help is greatly advised!

    Is there a seperate section for the Bulbagarden Archives here? But that's not what I'm here for. I am currently uploading every Pokémon model of Pokémon Stadium (I'll worry about Stadium 2 later) onto the Archives, though things would be quicker if there was help. I've asked Immewnity for...
  8. F

    Internet; Srs Business

    Recall moments where people just take the internet too seriously.
  9. F

    Your Opinion on the new Season 12 Opening

    To be frank, it's the greatest thing I've seen in quite a while, yet again it was kinda rushed, maybe due to the pace of the music. Overall it's good. What are your opinions?
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    400 bad request

    It's annoying me, Every time I try to save an edit (from BP) it shows me this error, is this part of the 'pedia glitch? Also, 149 users on BMGf? yeah, that's a glitch right there Edit; Strange, this error occurs on Firefox not opera...
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    Kanto: The Major Changes

    In the latest video of HGSS trailer we've seen a bit of Kanto (Route 1, Pallet Town), and they looked awesome. Now that we've seen a glimpse of Kanto, what do you want to see in Kanto? Maybe it's something new, like a redesign of the Cinnabar Volcano. or something old, like the Trainer...
  12. F

    Pokémon Big Brother

    A game I enjoyed back in the Serebii days.... Pokémon big brother is a game where Pokémon are all put in a house and I, the creator, will make up what they do in the house (including sexual intercourse). You all then vote the one you want out, you must say why though no, "because I hate...
  13. F

    I know I should stay calm but...

    Is any admin online on BP? Just look at it. It has Grawps name all over it, It feels like I'm the only one there
  14. F

    Pokémon you DO NOT want the main characters to catch. And why?

    Pretty straight forward. Which Pokémon you don't want to see being caught by a main character?
  15. F

    Untold Pokémon Facts

    Have you ever wondered what a Diglett/Digtrio looked like underground? or how people get their Gym leader position?. Well here you can theorize and what a Diglett/Dugtrio looks like underground or How people get the Gym leader status, or any other things that got you wondering "why?"...
  16. F


    Hello, My name is Force Fire, You may know me from my bulbapedia of the same name. I have a shadowed past, I was a user at SPPF as Power of Fire!! *Dum dum dum* I left there because I got banned for flaming people.......... But I'll promise, I will try to be good