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  1. Noivern

    Are Pokémon people?

    I've been thinking about this lately. You see, Pokémon are probably more than really funny-looking monsters that happen to look like some kind of real life animal or a mythological creature. Or some inanimate object that happens to be living (up to a certain degree). Their behaviour these...
  2. Noivern

    Messed up navigation

    Forum navigation buttons (Forums, Bulbapedia, Bulbanews, Blogs, Projects, Social Groups, Gallery, etc...) look broken right now on IE11 and IE10 Mobile while logged in - all buttons after "Forum" become list items that overlap things that it shouldn't. (I think it wasn't broken before... right?)...
  3. Noivern

    Cosmetic RTL bug in login redirection page?

    While logging in using a MacBook Air running OS X 10.9 and Safari 7.0.2, I noticed that the login redirection page has the message, laid similarly to below: .Thank you for logging in, Noivern I suspect an RTL bug going on in there. It's a minor thing, but I guess that managed to trip me...
  4. Noivern

    Solid state hybrid drives (SSHD)

    First, a small primer on SSHDs... Wait a second, what the heck is an SSHD? SSHD means solid-state hybrid drive, or hybrid disk drive. Think of SSHDs as regular hard disk drives with integrated non-volatile flash memory areas that acts as a cache for "hot" data, that is, data that is...
  5. Noivern

    Internet Explorer 11 and document modes

    Have you guys tested whether IE11 works properly with the forum's enhanced reply editor and the touch keyboard in edge mode? They might or might not have fixed something after moving up a major version. If they fixed that, it might be a good time to nuke the X-UA-Compatible tag.
  6. Noivern

    Touch keyboard behaving oddly on a Surface RT

    I've noticed that the touch keyboard on my Surface RT (and probably any touch-enabled Windows 8/RT device) keeps dismissing itself when I attempt to type in the post editor while in Modern UI IE10, making posting impossible in the Modern UI IE10. (This does not apply to desktop IE10, as the...
  7. Noivern

    So IE10 is now behaving as IE9 on BMGf.

    Upon closer inspection, I've noticed that this line now exists in the <head>: <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=9" /> I'd like to know what broke in IE10 that caused the addition of such a line. (If it helps, I'm using Erika's New Garden as the forum skin, running IE10 for...
  8. Noivern

    Mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras

    You know mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras (I'll refer to them as MILCs from now on)? These rather compact cameras pack an image sensor and processing power fit for a DSLR, but do away with the internal mirror and the optical viewfinder without giving up the ability to swap lenses. The...
  9. Noivern

    Should I upgrade my laptop's internal disk drive?

    My laptop's 5400 RPM disk drive feels... lethargic during boots and app loads, and I see some freezing during first loads of applications after boot. Should I replace the disk drive? If so, what should I get? A 7200 RPM disk drive, a hybrid disk drive, or a pure SSD, knowing that the 750 GB...
  10. Noivern

    New laptop time?

    Let's ignore used laptops for now... Feel free to compare any of these laptops that I'm planning to buy very soon after I trade in my Mac. Current laptop: MacBook Air (11", mid-2011) Intel Core i5-2467M (dual-core with HT, 1.6 GHz, up to 2.3 GHz, ULV, 3M cache) Intel HD Graphics 3000 4 GB...
  11. Noivern

    Collection: Twiggy's TurtwigZoruaVictiniWhatever

    I suppose someone has to show off their plushie collection here, now, huh? xD Anyway, well, now that I've a proper place to actually show them off, well, here's some... HAVE SOME PLUSHIES! It's a big post, unspoiler'd, for some reason. Three rather small images in terms of file size, though...
  12. Noivern

    Recommend me a new smartphone!

    I think my Samsung Galaxy S is a bit creaky and quirky these days. It's like it's going to choke and die any moment soon. I think I'm not even browsing the web properly, and I have had to deal with its senior moments like the touchscreen not responding, hard locks, orientation mishaps and stuff...
  13. Noivern

    Someone smokes a Windows Phone, and...

    I Won The Windows Phone Challenge, But Lost “Just Because” | Skatter Tech I Won The Windows Phone Challenge, But Lost “Just Because” : technology Most certainly, the contest didn't end well this time around. Personally, I have been keeping tabs on the Smoked by Windows Phone contests...
  14. Noivern

    BB Code List examples problems and position:

    1. BB Code List examples for the DIV and SPAN tags are incorrect. This is a 200px wide box floating on the right side of the post. It has dark red double borders, should be [div="float: right; width: 200px; border: 3px double #a00; background-color: #c66; color: #000;"]This is a 200px wide...
  15. Noivern

    Raise the signature character count limit

    Right now, the signature character count is 1000 characters, including BBCode markup. IN the past this is enough - most singnatures are purely BBCode-based, with only images, text and simple formatting. However, I noticed that DIV and SPAN tag usage is finally enabled in everything, at least...
  16. Noivern

    GBA Ambassador full games list out in Japan?

    All 10 3DS Ambassador GBA games revealed - Available from Dec 16 in Japan - NeoGAF Yup. And that accidental leak from that NoA email... one confirmed, one out. F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones...
  17. Noivern

    Extending the Username History length for regular users

    As far as I know, the username history tab only shows up to past 5 for regular users. However, as Kakuna Matata has said in a VM, it seems like that the entire list of username changes, to a long time ago is visible to moderators and up. I wonder whether it can be made so that everyone...
  18. Noivern

    In View Conversation and Albums, profile colours are broken. (+ forum skin quirk?)

    Seems like the profile colours and images just go bonkers when I view a conversation or try to edit something in my album. Most certainly, they are not what it originally was on the user's actual profile. It happened after the vB4 update, and yet this bug still exists for some reason. This...
  19. Noivern

    I seem to not be able to use the mobile skin on my 3DS.

    I never get the option to use said mobile skin on my 3DS. In my first visit, the site sent me to the full version designed for computers. Now, if there only was a way to use that... Also, I seem to not be able to revert back to the mobile skin on my phone after changing to the full...
  20. Noivern

    EVERYONE: Diaries of a Pokémon Trainer [Latest: Prologue]

    Well, here I come. This is my first actual attempt on a Pokémon fan fic. I don't know whether I'll be continuing this in a continuous basis (I only have this and Chapter 1 ready), but I do have a good feeling that I'll eventually complete it. This story... it's based on the adventure found in...