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  1. Gama

    DISCUSSION: Reviews versus Replies

    As some of you will know, I used to be extremely active here some years ago and have been quite on/off here since then. Recently I've been more active here than I have been in some time. Since I've been back, I've noticed that things have changed somewhat, generally all for the better. The...
  2. Gama

    TEEN: Brotherhood [4th June - Chapter 7: Reunion]

    (Credit for the amazing banner goes to Pride!) A story of three brothers who must put their differences aside when they find themselves dragged into Johto's criminal underworld. Hello all! If you've been active in the Writer's Workshop for a while (6 years!) you may remember this story...
  3. Gama

    TEEN: The Island of Dr. Fuji [Part 5 of 5]

    After an absence from this forum that I suspect has been sufficiently long that no one remembers who I am any more, I present a brand new mini-series! I will release a new Part every Thursday until the mini-series is concluded. Enjoy! Navigation Part 1 - Trouble in Cinnabar [This post] Part...
  4. Gama


    Hi all, it's been some years since I've been active around these parts, and being back has been making me want to write fan fiction again. I can't help but feel though that I want to pick up some of the projects I let drop before. The thing is that I've still been writing a lot in that time...
  5. Gama

    My Return to the Fray

    Hi all, it's been quite some time since I've been here, but with Generation VII on the horizon I thought I might have a pop back into the world's best Pokemon forum. I doubt I'll be as active here as I was once upon a time... mostly I think I'll just have a look at the odd Video Games thread...
  6. Gama

    Was that an April Fools joke?

    So, yesterday was April Fools. As I'm sure you've figured out by now, we, at Bulbagarden, like to have fun on April Fools! Just to clarify that a few things were in fact jokes. 1) The rules are NOT changing. The rules are, for time being at least, the same ones as before April Fools. You will...
  7. Gama

    Constructive criticism v. flaming

    In this section, there can be a fine line between pointing out mistakes or errors and just being rude. There is never any call to flat out insult someone's work. It takes a lot of guts to post your writing online and people should not be discouraged from doing so by insults. Always make sure...
  8. Gama

    Shooting at Newtown Elementary School [NOT for debates on gun control]

    NOTE: This is NOT the place for debates on gun control. Users who debate on gun control here will be infracted. A sister thread where gun control can be debated can be found in Nicoleta's Campaign Bus. AP: 27 dead, including 18 children in Newtown school shooting - StamfordAdvocate...
  9. Gama

    A New Section Head!

    Hello all! I'm here to announce that Misheard Whisper;, our previous Section Head is retiring from the Section Head position due to real life commitments. *Sad face and sympathy here.* Please welcome AceTrainer14; as the new Head of the Writer's Workshop! Please join me in congratulating him...
  10. Gama

    ACADEMY: Lesson 5 - Getting Started

    Getting Started This might seem like a weird place to have this lesson. You would think it would go first. Well it’s not. Get over it. Essentially the logic behind this was that since most of the writers here are part way through stories, it would be better to start off with something that...
  11. Gama

    Welcome the new Writer's Workshop Section Head!

    I've been promoted to the dizzy height of Admin, which means I'll be doing more behind the scenes work. One of the conditions of becoming an Admin is that you give up being a Section Head. So as my reign of terror draws to a close, let us celebrate the beginning of the reign of terror of...
  12. Gama

    Writer's Workshop Autumn Awards 2012 Voting Thread

    Okay people, here is the Voting Thread for this year's Autumn Awards! Applaud, cheer and generally be jubilant. The names on this list are your nominees! Remember! Most of the categories will be decided by a judging panel (which will be announced shortly) but the Best Reviewer and Best Newcomer...
  13. Gama

    Writer's Workshop Autumn Awards 2012 Nominations Thread

    Welcome one and all to the Writer's Workshop Autumn Awards 2012! (That's right, Autumn not "Fall", whatever that is.) The Awards are going to work in largely the same way as the rest of the 2012 Awards, but just in case you've forgotten, or you're new, the "RULES" tab below is your friend...
  14. Gama

    ACADEMY: Lesson 3: Character Development

    Hey boys and girls. Firstly, let me apologise for the lack of an August Writer’s Academy. I assure you, it was a one-off due to several of the Writer’s Workshop mods being away at the same time... Just that time of year, you know how it is. Anyway, with that out of the way, let me move on...
  15. Gama

    AceTrainer14 is joining the WW staff!

    Hi all! Say hello and congratulations to our newest Writer's Workshop moderator, AceTrainer14; !
  16. Gama

    OBSOLETE: The Fiction Fairground Rulebook (updated 22nd May 2013 - please read before posting)

    Please read these rules before posting in the Writer’s Workshop. This new rulebook is in effect immediately, and any old sets of rules are no longer valid. If you don’t understand any of these rules, feel free to post in this thread to ask or contact one of the Writer’s Workshop mods. As with...
  17. Gama

    TEEN: Brotherhood

    [Credit for amazing banner goes to Red!] Hi all. You may remember that after I came back from my LOA over November and December that I said I wasn't going to write any fanfiction until I was finished with all my essays and exams. Well, guess what? I'm finished with all my essays and exams. I...
  18. Gama

    Writer's Workshop Spring Awards 2012 Voting Thread

    Hello, Writer's Workshop! Welcome to the second phase of the Writer's Workshop Spring Awards 2012! As you know, most of the categories will be decided by judging (successful judge applications will be contacted immediately), but Best Reviewer and Best Newcomer are decided by popular vote! So...
  19. Gama

    Review Exchange

    Hi all, as promised here is the new Review Exchange thread (and ahead of schedule, I might add). The basic premise is that you post a link to your fic here, and by doing so offer to give people reviews for reviewing your fic. Make sure you read the rules (below) before posting here. Failure to...
  20. Gama

    Writer's Workshop Spring Awards 2012 Nominations Thread

    Welcome one and all to the Writer’s Workshop Spring Awards 2012! These Awards are going to work largely the same as the Winter Awards. If you weren’t here for the Winter Awards, or you just need a reminder of how things go, be sure to read the “RULES” tab below. THE RULES: THE CATEGORIES...