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  1. TPrower

    EVERYONE: Melanie: The Kalos Chronicles (X/Y Spoilers)

    Presenting the sequel to the Jim trilogy, taking place within Generation 6, some years after the trilogy. Hope you enjoy! *Note: the similarity in name to LightningTopaz's The Kalos Connection is pure coincidence. ^^; * Melanie The Kalos Chronicles Chapter 1 Welcome to Kalos...
  2. TPrower

    Anime Pokemon knowing Egg, TM, or Tutor Moves Inexplicably?

    I see a lot of Pokemon in the anime who use moves that they could have only learned via TM, tutoring, or even by breeding. They can even be self-taught, like Iris's Excadrill teaching himself Focus Blast. What is your own opinion about this? Do you find it cheap, especially if it has no...
  3. TPrower

    COMPLETE: Jim: The War for Unova (TEEN)

    *The reason this has a Teen rating is because this book is darker than the others, for good reason. You may disagree with me, but I just put it as a precaution. Enjoy the final book. =)* Book 3 Jim: The War for Unova Chapter 1 The Advent of Plasma Jim stared, open-mouthed, at the...
  4. TPrower

    COMPLETE: Jim: Blaze of Glory (EVERYONE)

    Book 2 Jim: Blaze of Glory CHAPTER 1 Intervention Jim had lost all power over his articulation, so astounded was he by what he had just been told. It was absolutely absurd, impossible, inconceivable. N, this mysterious youth, this enigmatic Trainer who knew his gift better than...
  5. TPrower

    COMPLETE: Jim: The Hero's Journey (EVERYONE)

    I'll be posting chapters here periodically. I'm already nearly done with Book 2 on deviantART, but since it's a Pokemon story, I figured it should go here as well. I know it starts off kinda sluggish, but bear with me. =) The story is my own take on the plot of Pokemon Black and White, with my...
  6. TPrower

    Most overused moves used in the anime?

    I wasn't sure where to post this, so forgive me if it looks like a double-post. Are there any moves in the anime you think are overused by too many Pokemon? I'll list my examples. -Attract -Aerial Ace -Hidden Power
  7. TPrower

    Lukewarm Greetings and Goodbyes

    I had this thread in the old forum, but decided to put it up again. Call me a sentimental fool, but when the main characters meet after so long or even say goodbye after traveling together for an entire region, the hellos and goodbyes disappoint me sometimes. I mean, how about when Ash...
  8. TPrower

    Iris' Emolga

    I know I may sound obsessed with Emolga, but I can't help myself. Say what you will, that it's just another Pika-clone, that it's just a Pachirisu that can fly, but I like it. Now, with that said, I have a few things to say about Iris'. Sure, she's a gluttonous, lazy little squirrel, but...
  9. TPrower

    EVERYONE: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Tales of Team Solartide

    This is based off of my last playthrough of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Darkness, so I apologize if the storyline seems similar. The game and original storyline are property of The Pokemon Company. Other than that, enjoy! =) POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEON: THE TALES OF TEAM...
  10. TPrower

    Plot Help: Travel Time

    I have a feeling there's a thread for this already, but how long should it take for a character to get from one city to the next? We see it can take days in between towns for the anime heroes.
  11. TPrower

    Lukewarm Hellos and Goodbyes?

    Call me a big softie, but I feel like the reunions and farewells between Ash and his travelling companions seem a little...lacking in emotion. I mean, sure, it's put into words, but what about their actions. I mean, look at when Misty left the group after the Silver Conference. Sure, there were...
  12. TPrower

    COMPLETE: Generation 5 Polkamon Song Parody

    Everybody remember Weird Al Yankovic's Polkamon song from Pokemon 2000? Well, I made a parody of it using the Generation 5 Pokemon. Hope you like it! =) Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott Venipede and Whimsicott Sigilyph and Cottonee Lillipup and Leavanny Solosis and Minccino Ferroseed and Tynamo...
  13. TPrower

    How long should a written battle go on?

    This is what I've always wondered. If you're putting it into written form, how long would the Pokemon that's going to lose be able to hold out from the start to the end, however long that may be?
  14. TPrower

    EVERYONE: Jim's Unova Journey

    This is the story involving the profiles I made in this thread: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/showthread.php?p=3035817#post3035817 It will go chapter by chapter, and it's written in script format. If you guys like the prologue, I will continue to post the chapters as I complete them. And...
  15. TPrower

    Goodbye, My Friend...(Spoiler Alert)

    A little something I made after my 2nd play-through of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness. I was a Totodile named Irwin, paired with a female Chikorita named Flora, and this is their tearful goodbye when Irwin has to disappear after time is restored... A fanfic may follow in the...
  16. TPrower

    Jim and Leanne Trainer Profiles

    One of my favorite things to do is make character profiles, so here are a couple for characters in a Pokemon story I'm developing. The story to come, tentatively titled Unova Journey, is about the adventures of Jim from Nuvema Town, as he starts out with a headstrong Snivy and soon partners...
  17. TPrower

    Which of Ash's Pokemon should evolve or stay unevolved?

    As we currently know, Ash has Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Scraggy, and interchanges between Tranquill and Swadloon. Which do you all think should stay the way they are or evolve? Personally, I think it'd be fitting for Ash to have an Unfeazant and Leavanny, but I feel Oshawott shouldn't go...
  18. TPrower

    Greetings, Bulbagarden!

    As the title says, Greetings! I'm TPrower, fan of Sonic and Pokemon! I'm a huge fan of the captions thread, so I hope to add my own brand of humor and ingenuity to it. Great to be here! =) My current Pokemon White team is: Male Serperior (Kaa) Male Swoobat (Echo) Male Krookodile (Croco)...