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    How old are you, Pokémon Fans? (Once more from the top)

    I'm 22. I'm American and got into Pokemon in 1998 when I was 11 and the anime started airing and Red and Blue were released and I was just starting 6th grade. Two years later, people started making fun of me for still liking Pokemon.
  2. D

    Red's shoes

    The closest thing I've found so far is these: They do sell shoes that have a strap around the ankle like that. I hate buying shoes for costumes, because I feel obligated to wear them regularly to offset the price I paid for them. Especially if they look silly.
  3. D

    Red's shoes

    I am thinking of being Red for Halloween, and it was only today I noticed his shoes and how unique they are: Do they make shoes like this in the real world?
  4. D

    Can ten-year-olds really be trusted?

    Even ignoring the whole "owning monsters" thing, the fact that they can travel through the woods for days at a time at such a young age is the most unrealistic thing to me. I'm 21, and I really can't imagine having to walk from town to town. Especially going through caves!
  5. D

    Pokémon World Maps

    Just because Sinnoh is next to Kanto on this map doesn't mean that it's actually directly to the east of it. Those clouds are like the border that separates Alaska on a map of the United States. Although, even if it was directly east, there's still an explanation for the Sinnoh snow being right...
  6. D

    Pokemon World School System

    Even at real-world Performing Arts schools, don't they teach you things like math and science anyway? Sure, there's a far greater emphasis on acting or music or whatnot, but you still have to learn the basics. Right? My high school had a program where if someone wanted to be an auto mechanic...
  7. D

    Human Charater Ethnicity

    I don't think we should go by hair color to determine race... James has blue hair - what does that mean? Anime characters generally have caucasian features, even the ones that take place in Japan. Pokemon to me seems to take place on a series of islands in the Pacific Ocean which contain...
  8. D

    TV Schedule: August-September 2006 (CN, Kids' WB!, Boomerang, TV-Tokyo)

    I don't think it's as simple as "small children like puns". Sweet Baby James is the name of a James Taylor album from like 1970.. what audience are they trying to grab with that?
  9. D

    Post your current CTRL+V's!

  10. D

    Insulting Cultural Edits

    That picture of the ramen shop doesn't make any sense.. why would they edit out the Japanese characters if they're still holding chopsticks? You can't really Americanize that scene anyway.
  11. D

    Omigosh, Is it me, or Last.FM totally fails life?

    Last.fm was terrible for me when I used Winamp, but with iTunes everything works very well.
  12. D

    Stupid attacks on Pokemon

    Man, that's gotta hurt; being hit by a Snorlax swooping down from the sky.
  13. D

    Wiccan soldier denied honor at cemetery

    But Sgt. Stewart's rights aren't only being violated by the government, they're being violated by his widow. The odds of the Department of Veterans Affairs changing their policy because Mrs. Stewart would prefer her husband to have a blank plaque are slim, therefore nothing will come of this...
  14. D

    Things that surprised you?

    Re-watching the first episode and seeing that the Pokemon that Ash saw was Ho-Oh.
  15. D

    Hogan To Host Pokemon 10th Anniversary Party

    Maybe Hulk Hogan likes Pokemon?
  16. D

    Wiccan soldier denied honor at cemetery

    What grates me about this is that his wife made him some sort of posterboy for pagan rights by not agreeing to having just his name on the grave.
  17. D

    Which criminal organization did you like better? Team Aqua, Team Magma or Team Rocket?

    Team Rocket. Though Jesse and James are sort of a stain on TR's rep..
  18. D

    The three dogs

    Haha, hillarious username.
  19. D

    New Voice Actors Discussion (READ FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING)

    If they're recasting, why don't the 4Kids VAs try out anyway? I don't see what the harm would be..
  20. D

    What if Pokemon was real?

    The way I see it, Pokemon exist primarily on the change of islands or whatever in which Pokemon takes place (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Orange Islands, etc), which I'm going to assume is somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Living on the East Coast of the United States, my life would continue normally...