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  1. H

    LT Weekly Poll #41 Pokegear, Pokenav or Poketch?

    So hard to decide... I wish for a device that could be used as all three XD I would say pokegear because of the radio and phone calls... But I still want the other two!
  2. H

    Let's say you met a Tentacruel while playing in the water.

    I would either swim away or faint.
  3. H

    BULBAPEDIA: Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    Early today I was thinking, wouldn't it be a great idea to have a move origin section, like there is with pokémon? I frequently see people questioning why a move does what it does, such as with aerial ace's wide distribution, why razor leaf is a physical attack, why faint attack is not related...
  4. H

    BULBAPEDIA: Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    What happened to the Rotom page? It seems to be lacking many parts of it, such as trivia and origin.
  5. H

    What colors do you associate with the four seasons?

    Spring: Green Summer: Yellow Autumn: Red Winter: Blue
  6. H

    Do you have a catchphrase?

    I think my catchphrase would be "of course", "I think", and "actually"
  7. H

    A Pokemon for each country?

    I could see bibarel/sawsbuck/snivy for canada, maybe chatot for brazil? Emboar could possibly work for china, Ninetales/meowth/frosslass/castform for japan.
  8. H

    What do you hope DOESN'T happen in the Best Wishes series?

    I really hope they dont do evolution drama with oshawott just like they did with piplup. Also, they shouldnt ignore game plots and older characters.
  9. H

    whats your favorite pokemon in the 5th gen.

    There are plenty... shinpora comes in mind, but I also really like snivy line, dewott line, woobat line,joltik line, litwick line, tynamo line, braviary line, vanillite line, solosis line, carracosta line, dwebble line, drilbur line,lilpup line and yamask line. Pretty happy with the pokemon this...
  10. H

    The Diaries of Black and White

    It suddenly stops working :P
  11. H

    Gen V Disapointment

    The number of features that were removed or changed for worst ones. Like pokethon/contests being taken out in favor of musicals, or time exclusive pokemon being removed, or berry trees, or following pokémon, or gym leader rematches... And the list goes on.
  12. H

    Least Fav Unova Pokemon

    Throh and sawk... They're extremaly humanoid and boring, and got no pokemon-like look, and are just another pure fighting... And so many people use them just cause theyre readily avaliable for aloe.
  13. H

    Best/Worst Walking Sprites

    Best:torterra and walrein Worse:teddiursa and larvitar
  14. H

    Which style Pokedex is your favorite?

    Hgss one due to the very interactive interface, and frlg one due to sorting by locations.
  15. H

    Which Evolution Would You Change?

    I would change: Eevee-Leafeon, with leaf stone; Slowpoke-Slowbro, with shellder on your party; Eevee-Espeon/Umbreon, with sun and moon stone; Luvdisc-Mamanbou; Tauros-Buffaron; More pokémon evolving with thunder stone;
  16. H

    Caption the screenshots!

    Looks like they decided to do a tribute to ttechidna
  17. H

    Third Version?

    Crimson would be interesing, as together with black and white it make the colors of a pokeball. Opal too, as it is a gem that shines in many colors.
  18. H

    What features DIDN'T you get that you wanted?

    - Apricorn Balls - Permanent running shoes - Pokémon following you - VS Seeker - Berry Plants - Nice touch screen controls - Secret bases - Rematches - Vs seeker/match call like app - Poketch/Pokenav/PokeGear features - Easier pc use - Slot Machines - Ball Capsules - Time of...
  19. H

    BULBAPEDIA: Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    Re: Official BULBAPEDIA suggestion/idea/problem thread I mean, about the pronunciations, watching every episode/playing every game which the pokemon name is mentioned, and highlighting the one that was used recently.
  20. H

    BULBAPEDIA: Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    Re: Official BULBAPEDIA suggestion/idea/problem thread Would it be possible to get every different pokemon pronunciation in english that appears in the anime, and record all diferent pokemon cries from anime too? It would be interesing