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  1. Village Bridge Busker

    GEN VII: LF Vivillon Patterns USUM

    Hey good people of Bulbagarden, hope you’re all well. I’m tantalisingly close to completing my Master Dex Challenge which has been months and months in the making (look it up if you haven’t heard of it - it’s great if you like to collect!) and the only Pokémon I’m missing are 2 Vivillon...
  2. Village Bridge Busker

    GEN VI: HA Female Lillipup

    Hey guys! I’m typing this and I really can’t help but laugh quietly to myself at how big a long shot this is but is there any chance that anyone out there has a Female, Hidden Ability (Scrappy) Lillipup/Herdier/Stoutland out there on Pokemon XY? Good IVs preferable but oh my god considering how...
  3. Village Bridge Busker

    GEN VI: LF Perfect Adamant Ditto

    Hey guys, So... Really dull and common request but I'm looking for a perfect adamant ditto! I have a few mega stones and BP items from Battle Maison that I would gladly offer for the ditto - non UK native would be a plus but not essential. Many thanks! Drop me a PM or a comment on...
  4. Village Bridge Busker

    Where Fires Are - Isabella

    Hello :) So myself and some friends started a band last November and at the end of March we recorded three tracks, the first of which went online on April 1st - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bacwd0cGFBE There will be a proper video to accompany the music soon. The next song goes...
  5. Village Bridge Busker

    The name of your PC

    Good afternoon good people of Bulbagarden! This may seem like a very small, insignificant point to many but to me, the name of my character in the Pokemon games is a point of great importance. To outline this, in my quest to obtain a 'living' National Pokedex (646 of 649 so far) I felt...
  6. Village Bridge Busker

    X & Y Compatibility with B & W

    My head is about to explode. Let there be absolutely no misunderstanding... this is huge. One of the many, many things darting around my head at the moment is the compatibility issue. Do you guys think there will be full compatibility with Gen V? Or, do you think those who strive to Catch 'Em...
  7. Village Bridge Busker

    The introduction of brand new Pokemon - excited or indifferent?

    I've surprised myself recently. For a long time I've been excited about Gen VI - pretty much since completing White and Black - but I was always excited about it because of the possibility of R/S/E remakes. Until a couple of weeks ago. Don't get me wrong - I'm still massively in favour of Gen...
  8. Village Bridge Busker

    508 EVs versus 510 EVs...

    Hey guys, hope I'm posting this in the correct place. I've just read this... ''The EV lady There is a lady in Opelucid City, directly north above the Pokemon Center. She will tell you if your Pokemon is fully EV trained or not. However, she looks for 510 EVs, while the effective maximum...
  9. Village Bridge Busker

    WANTED: Power Band and Power Anklet

    Good afternoon good people of Bulbagarden - As the title suggests, I'm looking for a couple of trades, one in which I can receive a Power Band and one in which I can receive a Power Anklet. I am more than happy to receive these items on purely on loan basis (i.e - I'll give them back as...
  10. Village Bridge Busker

    Pokemon nicknames you're proud of?

    I've just been reading through the 'Stupidest Pokemon Nicknames' thread and I would like to know if there's many people out there who have given a nickname to a Pokemon that they are really proud of? I've never, ever nicknamed a Pokemon but for some unknown reason I would like to start doing...
  11. Village Bridge Busker

    New to Pokemon Manga - any advice?

    Hey everyone, Sorry if there is a thread where someone has asked this question. I have had a little scan and not seen one so here goes. I've been playing the Pokemon games since the beginning and I have recently started watching the anime again after a few years without seeing it. I'm...
  12. Village Bridge Busker

    WANTED - Japanese Ditto

    Evening All, I'm looking for a Japanese Ditto so I can try and hatch a shiny Psyduck. I've only ever come across one shiny Pokemon in 10 years worth of Pokemon gaming. It was a Donphan. I realise that anyone who has a shiny Psyduck probably wont ever want to trade it away so I figure the...
  13. Village Bridge Busker

    Completion of the National Pokedex - Better reward required!

    Sorry if there is a thread on this topic somewhere in the murky depths of the 191 pages but I'm blatantly not going to search through the whoooole bunch. I'm just interested to hear what people think about only getting a certificate when you complete the National Dex. As we all know, it's no...