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Search results

  1. RGMX100

    GEN VI: LF: Light Ball, Life Orb and x2 Leftovers

    Hi there again, the title says it all really, I'm looking for a number of items, doesn't have to all be from the same person. List any offers below and we can negotiate a trade, although I do have plenty of Heart Scales
  2. RGMX100

    GEN VI: HA Pikachu/Raichu with Encore

    Hi again, this time looking for either a Pikachu or a Raichu with its HA, Lightningrod, and the egg move Encore. A good IV spread would also be appreciated, ideally 31/x/31/31/31/31, and a Naive nature. ... Don't judge me, I've had a Pikachu in every game since Yellow :ksmile: I can offer an IV...
  3. RGMX100

    GEN VI: Male Slurpuff/Skitty/Eevee with Wish

    Hey guys, back again, this time looking for (as per the title) a male Slurpuff/Skitty/Eevee with the egg move Wish. Again, I'm not really fussed about IVs/nature, but I can offer a few things in return, namely a HA Totodile with Aqua Jet, Crunch and Ice Punch, or a Heart Scale. List any other...
  4. RGMX100

    GEN VI: Impish Donphan

    Hey guys, I'm looking for anyone who can get me an impish Donphan/Phanpy for my current team, not really fussed about IVs, but 31 in all but Sp. Attack would be a great bonus. I can offer in return a Timid Charmander (31/x/31/31/31/31 IVs) in return with Dragon Pulse, any other doable requests...
  5. RGMX100

    GEN VI: 6 IV Ditto

    It's me again, Looking for a perfect Ditto for breeding purposes with 31 IVs all round. It doesn't really matter if it's imported/hacked/cloned, as long as it won't harm my game or save data in any way. Think you can help? I have a Yvetal (of whose IVs I'm not sure) that I'm willing to give...
  6. RGMX100

    GEN VI: 31 IV Imposter Ditto

    Hi again, I know there are a lot of requests of this sort, but I'm searching for a perfect Imposter Ditto with all 6 IVs at 31, both for the purposes of battling and breeding. I understand these are extremely hard to come by, even in the Friend Safari, so I'm allowing it to be cloned/imported...
  7. RGMX100

    GEN VI: Imposter Ditto

    I'm currently searching for a Ditto with the ability Imposter. Full IVs in HP and Speed would also be helpful, and I'm not entirely bothered if it's hacked/cloned as long as it will not break my game. My friend code is in my signature, and thanks again.
  8. RGMX100

    GEN VI: Donphan/Phanpy

    Hey there, As I am currently building a competitive team around Mega Charizard Y, I'm in dire need of a Pokemon that can spin. As I have previously used Donphan in Silver, he is my main choice. I'm seeking EITHER a Donphan or a Phanpy with the moves Rapid Spin, Stealth Rock, Ice Shard and...
  9. RGMX100

    Help with my Y Team (Charizard Y)

    I pretty much solo ran the entire of the storyline up to the Champion with just my Charizard. I decided to start breeding for IVs and EV training, starting with Charizard. Here's his layout; Charizard (@ CharizarditeY) Nature: Modest EV spread: 4 HP/ 252 SP. A/ 252 SPD Moveset: Fire Blast...
  10. RGMX100

    storm gym

    plz redirect if in wrong place! im rubbish at finding where to put posts! hi everyone, im back after ages. now, remember the time gym? scrap that. here comes your chance to win a storm badge! i am not offically open yet, still training to do, but my pokemon are lvl 100's and its just a matter...
  11. RGMX100

    ash's true love

    who does ash like? misty, may, dawn, iris, or someone else? its may, cos he dosent know very much about iris, misty's too old and dawns to0 young.
  12. RGMX100

    ash's true love

    who does ash like? misty, may, dawn, iris, or someone else? personally i think may, because misty's too old for him as she is a gym leader, dawn had just started her journey when ash must of been 13 or 14, and ash hasent known iris for very long.
  13. RGMX100

    raichu biology

    if theres a biology section, direct me to it! :naughty: raichu is a large rodent, with the ability to switch from two legs to four. it has a yellow orange body, with various differnet shades for different parts of the body. The long tail with the lightning bolt at the end (which is an...
  14. RGMX100


    i just evolved speed, my pikachu, and the first member of my team, into a raichu! have i made the rite descision?
  15. RGMX100

    Pokemon Study Centre

    Name: Reuben Morrow Nickname: Dragon Age: 15 Gender: Male Appearance: Shortish jet-black spiky hair, tall, skinny figure. Wears blue and black body warmer, tiger stripe hoodie underneath, camouflage bottoms and scruffy trainers. Pale coloured skin. Personality: Dragon is pretty...
  16. RGMX100

    the time gym

    anyone who wants to battle RGMX100 in the Time Gym, im accepting one trainer a month to battle on wifi. the address is; The Time Gym, The Department Store, Main Street, Goldenrod City, Johto, Fourth Generation the entrys start once im ready (i shall inform bulbapedia)and no pms on...
  17. RGMX100

    Main pokemon

    i beilieve you should have two main pokemon, a pokemon you can handle and have out all the time, and a pokemon that is your strongest and can carry you from place to place. Mine are Speed, my pikachu, and Power, my Charizard. My friend, Kellie Robinson, has Floatzel and Bulbasaur. Just one...
  18. RGMX100

    RGMX100, the Time Trainer

    I am RGMX100, the Time Trainer, Charizard rider and Pikachu Handler. I have got Charizard, Power, and my Pikachu, Speed. We have come from afar to seek worthy foes. Help us atround and i MIGHT spare you. THANK-YOU! :XD: