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  1. K

    Social Group Section Disappearance?

    I log on this morning and see that the Social Group area at the bottom of the main page has disappeared. If this is a problem that is only occurring for me, by all means ignore this, but I find this incredibly strange. :/
  2. K

    Fill in the Blank!

    In this game, you come up with a sentence and remove one word. The next person will fill in that blank with whatever they want. The only rule is to not have anything vulgar for your sentence or answers. The ____ are full of leaves.
  3. K

    What bores you?

    I'd have to say Mathematics and having to pay attention to problems being worked out.
  4. K

    More or Less Blog Entries

    In this game, you are trying to guess if the next poster has more or less blog entries than you. I'll start off by guessing less.
  5. K

    Which State do You Live in?

    If this is already a thread like this elsewhere, delete this one. ^_^ I'm pretty loud about living in my state, but I'll say it here anyway. Kansas.
  6. K

    What difficult decision are you facing right now?

    Currently, I don't know whether or not to keep my theme.
  7. K

    Cancelled: Hetalia: The War Without Death - [15-4-2013] Day 2 - Dulled Claws

    This game will be as closely related to a real-life Mafia game as possible. Lynching will require the majority, there will be no private communications allowed, and all of the roles will be known to everyone. There will be two mafia goons, one doctor, and six vanilla townies. The flavor will...
  8. K

    Look to your right. What do you see?

    Because this hasn't been made yet? I see my set of Matryoshka dolls, my purple jacket, and my England plush.
  9. K

    What was the last thing that made you laugh?

    Recalling an inside joke.
  10. K

    What is the last thing that made you upset?

    Being rushed and yelled at by my mom.
  11. K

    What was the last thing that made you smile?

    Seeing my Russia plush made me smile but he never fails to do so.
  12. K

    What are you currently thinking about?

    I'm thinking about what I should be doing, and what other threads I could make in this forum.
  13. K

    'Liking' Problem

    For some odd reason, the forum won't let me 'like' GliscorMan's blog comment and it will let me like everyone else's posts. It will even deny my access on mobile, too. EDIT: I can 'like' his posts on the forum just fine, but not for the blog.
  14. K

    What was the last thing you heard someone say?

    If there is an existing thread like this, feel free to delete or merge this one. Title says it all. XD
  15. K

    Collection: Zima's Pokemon Plushies

    Sorry for the bad quality on the first one... I have some other ones that aren't pictured, and those are Pokemon Center Dialga, Kyogre, and Groudon.
  16. K

    What time did you go to bed last night and wake up this morning?

    If there's already a thread like this, feel free to delete this one. Last night, I went to bed at about 12:50 CST, and this morning, I woke up at 5:53. :)
  17. K

    TEEN: Pokemon: Truth of Banishment

    "Before the world was existent, there was a single egg in the vast nothing. That egg hatched to be the Pokemon nicknamed "the original one," Arceus. After being hatched, it created three beings. A being of Time, a being of space, and a renegade. The renegade constantly fought with the being of...
  18. K

    Mafia: Pokemon: Mystery of the Raiterra Village [Work in progress]

    This is a Pokemon Mafia based on a story I wrote a long time ago. I will explain the characters to get an idea who's mafia and who's townsfolk. The Pokemon have fitting nicknames. Villagers Independents Mafia
  19. K

    Was originally pikapika95, formerly Ratiosu, currently Kurimugan

    I know how confusing it is when a user changes their username, so I am informing everyone of this sudden switch. pikapika95 Ratiosu Kurimugan