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    I looked up "Ingress" on Wikipedia and read this: "The game has a complex science fiction back story with a continuous open narrative." What are the chances Pokémon Go, that was stated to be inspired by Ingress and share developers with it, will do the same? Sadly the current trailer didn't seem...
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    REVIEW: XY059: Satoshi and Serena's First Date!? The Tree of Promises and the Presents!!

    The whole "date" thing was like 1 line of Serena thinking to herself and that's it. The ep didn't focus on that at all. Also, the summary was very misleading cause they made it sound as if Serena is using the idea just to be with Ash and neglects her pkmn -- but thankfully that was totally...
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    Club Nintendo

    So it's closing down and they're offering some pretty cool downloadable titles right now, at least on the US one. But I don't have enough coins for the really good games. Anyone here got some unused CN codes you wouldn't mind giving me? I guess this thread can be used for general...
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    Nintendogs + Cats

    It's on the eShop now. Should I get it? I have just enough money on my e-Shop account to get it, but hesitating... My main issues: 1. I heard part of the game forces you to use the AR cards. Is this true? I'd rather not use these... 2. Can you get ALL dog breeds in any of the three versions...
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    Mythical Pokémon

    So we know that between XY and ORAS we will be able to obtain all the non-event Pokémon. What about all the Mythical Pokémon though? Surely, they'd want to make them available in some way during this generation too, right? It'd be weird if they'd leave a few specific pkmn that would remain...
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    Pokémon Adventures Box Sets

    I'm shocked that I'm the first one to notice this here... (unless I missed something? didn't find any thread/post about it) Pokemon Adventures Box Set 1: Hidenori Kusaka: 9781421550060: Amazon.com: Books Pokémon Adventures Box Set 1 - includes all of gen 1 - Volumes 1-7 + poster Will be...
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    The Pokemon Company Inc e-mail address ?

    I need to contact TPCI as soon as possible (more specifically: the people of TPCI that are responsible for the dubbing of the show in other countries) but sadly couldn't find any e-mail address and everything I tried failed (I tried sending e-mail to Nintendo asking for TPCI's e-mail address, I...
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    OST Vol 2

    Filb ( http://www.filb.de/ ) seems to have some info on the new OST that will be released in February and we thought was supposed to be a complete collection of all BGM made for the TV show... I say "supposed" cause now it seems even more unlikely than it was before Look at the CDs...
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    DP 181 Buck ep

    So unless I missed something, the previous thread was locked and no new one was made... http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/program/detail/19406_201006171900.html Seems like Leona's VA is there... of course, she could do any other character, but remember that Leona said she's doing Gyms... we might...
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    DP 173-174 Ditto & GF start

    Apparently the last two eps of April will be one about Ditto and one about Dawn making a new combination with Pip/Cynda - probably using a similar combination to the fire and water fusion she learned from May It'll be interesting to see a Ditto again (I hope for a crazy funny ep with it) and of...
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    HGSS Events

    What do you all think about how limited some of the events are? Do you think it's possible to convince NOA/TPCI to repeat some of the Wi-Fi events later for these who missed them and maybe even put on Wi-Fi events that were in stores before? I think that it's seriously annoying and even mean...
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    REVIEW: SS022: Pokémon Ranger: Traces of Light (Part One) / SS023: (Part Two)

    Usually we have preview threads for the next eps and I think Ranger deserves one too, especially considering the first "Pokémon Sunday" Ranger ep will air in less than 24 hours... so someone should stick this This can be used for speculation about all upcoming Ranger eps and for discussion when...
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    DP 159 Buizel/Ice Punch

    PK0082 from Serebii: I wonder what's up with the Pokéthlon.. it was supposed to be 159 If it'd be 160 that would mean they didn't count the DP120 recap ep but did count the first DP48 recap ep... weird And I can't see how Dawn/ribbon has anything to do with this ep so I guess it is a...
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    DP 153 Title

    EDIT: Confirmed! DP 153 "Full of Danger! James' treasure chest" (title translated by PK0082 on Serebii) See the newest post in this thread in Pokéani: http://pokeani.com/cbbs/cbbs.cgi?mode=al2&namber=2489&rev=&no=4 (The user with the Swablu avater) It says something about the 26.11 (which...
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    DP 151-152 titles

    slowkingsley from Serebii: So it looks like the Galactic final is 3 episodes I hoped for 4 but... at least it's not 2 like Magma/Aqua... maybe next gen will be even better
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    New Ending "Dotchi ~ Nyo?"

    http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/contents/pokemon_dp/news/index.html#040739 From next ep we'll have a new ED Someone should translate this
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    I'll translate Pokémon for the Hebrew dub!

    I know most people here don't care about the Hebrew dub but... let me celebrate XD Some of you probably remember I said how I tried to help them with names of Pokémon/attacks/etc... in the latest seasons (since they always make mistakes and can't be consistent) At the middle of season 11 from...
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    Pokémon switch to HD + new ending song in April !!!

    http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=386823 http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/pokemon_dp/ I'm not 100% sure this is true and the computer I use now isn't even showing me Japanese... so let's wait for someone to confirm this but it seems to be true I think this might be really great...
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    What do you like about the show?

    I got sick of all the "worst episode/character/whatever" and all the complainings If we're here that means we do like the show so let's for a change talk about what we actually like about it Why do you like the show? favorites characters/episodes/movies? anything like that... I'll start I...
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    Next Contests

    This is a speculation thread for the next Contests, where do you think they'll be, who will participate and what Pokémon they'd use You can say either how you want it to be or what you think will really happen I'd like it to be this way... We know the next Contest is going to be in an anime...