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    Replacement Processor

    As I'm starting to hate my processor, I was thinking of replacing it with a different one... So do any of you have an idea what processor is any good (money not being a big issue seeing as I have approx. 200 euros to spend, around $300)? (Also here are my current system specs, if you need...
  2. M

    I actually feel like posting on the forums again....

    This is also my welcome post because I never made one (I only did it once on another forum), so now I want mah replies saying ''Welcome to the forums. Have a great time.''
  3. M

    I require assistance! (Connecting Laptop to a TV).

    My laptop's screen is just f*cked up, so I'm looking for a way to display the video (audio not necessary) on my TV screen. My laptop has (besides USB and SD) a slot labelled "HDMI" and my TV has 2 named "PC" and "HD" respectively. What cable(s) do I need for this and where do they go in?
  4. M

    Mr. Slowpoke's Tournament voting Round 1

    You have exectly 24 hours to vote! Here are the entries: SandslashTrainer Neel GaygarRocks RainbowMoonDust (banned when writing this) Miltano TokyoKit ImGaryOak (I sadly can't ignore his girth) TheKillerMareep Also, being the host, I'm not voting in this tournament.
  5. M

    Mr. Slowpoke's Sprite Tournament!

    Now I made a sprite tournament (not a contest as mine has multiple rounds :P) because I felt like doing so. The amount of rounds depends on how many people enter the first round. After each round I'll open a thread where everyone (including the people who participate!) can vote for the...
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    A GCN-Disk doesn't want to come outta my Wii D:

    So I put in a GCN-Disc in my Wii (Melee if that matters \:l) and instead of reading the disc the Wii keeps saying "Please, insert a disc" and when I press Eject the Wii makes the sounds it normally makes when ejecting but the disc doesn't come out D: Is there a way to get it back out (I don't...
  7. M

    "Link accounts"?

    I noticed the UCP has an option called Link User Accounts, but what does it do? I'm sorry if this was asked before, I just wanted to be sure what it's for.
  8. M

    Compare the above user to a video game character.

    There is one for anime characters, so why not for video game characters. Atleast I haven't seen a thread like this. There is no user above me so I can't compare anyone D:.
  9. M

    'Mr. Game & Watch's Sprite Shop

    Hi welcome to my shop. I do sprite edits like revamps recolors splices. Just request and I'll do my best. (For examples of my work see my album) Splice form Pokemon 1:_______ Pokemon 2:_______ Pokemon 3:_______ Base Pokemon (one of the above listed pokemon):_______ Re/devamp form...