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    iPod Shuffle

    Go on your iPod, go to shuffle mode, and post the first 10 songs that come up.
  2. M


    What is the criteria used for selecting them? And who selects them? Sorry, it had just been bugging me.
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    Most Posts Wins The Thread!

    ITT you post. And when it's closed, the person with the most posts wins! RULES -No double posting. More will be added if needed.
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    The Honesty Game

    Post what you honestly think of the person who posts above you.
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    Pokémon That Should Be Related but Aren't

    Sorry if this thread's already been made, I went back 8 pages and saw nothing. My little brother and I were battling on Pokemon Stadium today, and it was Aerodactyl vs. Charizard. He then pointed out how much they look alike, and I agreed. I never noticed that before. So... What Pokemon...
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    Contest: Gengar vs. Dusknoir

    VS. Both these Pokemon are 2nd stage Ghost types, the only two Pokemon to be that. So: -Which one do you prefer? -Which one would win in a battle? -Which one is more useful?
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    Dr. Footstep

    You know that guy on Route... whatever it is in D/P? I took my HM Fly slave Zubat there to see what it was thinking and it said in one of the lines: "Do any humans even like ZUBAT?" XD Do any of you have any good stories?
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    *Uses Blizzard*

    I am the legendary Pokemon Articuno! :scared: I've come to commune with others. Feel free to :unworthy: in my presence, if you so choose.