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    Best/most memorable Victory Road

    Be it because of: trainers, wild Pokemon, music, story, level design (pacing, puzzles) and so on.
  2. E

    Normal type, would you buff it?

    It has 1 weakness, 1 immunity and no resistances, so overall neutral defenses, but offensively, it doesn't deal super-effective damage against anything and 2 types resist it, so it's bad, in fact the worst in that regard... What changes do you think would make sense for this type, if any?
  3. E

    Games too outdated by now to enjoy

    Have you ever encountered this feeling of wanting to start a new or continue your playthrough of some of the older Pokemon games, but then realized that some "x, y and z" elements aren't up to par anymore, being too outdated compared to the newer games and found that to be a problem, preventing...
  4. E

    Original Kanto/Johto Champion?

    We know that Blue became the Champion, but got defeated by Red whose position was passed onto Lance. But whom did Blue defeat, who could have been the unseen Champion, any theories?
  5. E

    Pokemon B/W vs B2/W2

    Hello, I browsed all through internet and I have found very few comparison threads on this matter. I'd like to know which pair of Gen. V games do you think is better, the first black and white or second? Be it because of story, characters, music, gameplay, location changes etc. I'd prefer...
  6. E

    Anyone else wishes Heartgold/Soulsilver had been made during Gen V. ?

    After my relatively recent playthrough of HG, I couldn't help but wish: * the sprites were constantly animated * hidden machines were reusable * new moves and hidden abilities were present * dark grass/horde encounters * seasons * Pokemart being combined with Pokecenter * no poison status...
  7. E

    Contest: Best bird overal

    Pidgeot Swellow Staraptor Braviary Swanna Talonflame
  8. E

    What Pokemon would you change (their type/evolution) ?

    There might have been similar threads in the past, so I apology if one of them is still active. What Pokemon typing and evolution do you think make no sense as they are now? For example Gyarados being Water/Flying instead of Water/Dragon etc. Why is it part flying since it has no wings? I...
  9. E

    Is there any point in...

    Buying Gen I./Gen III. remake besides nostalgic reasons at all? I mean, the almost whole Kanto region is included in Heartgold/Soulsilver, is it not?
  10. E

    Ash torch flame running (prior to AG 125)

    The episode states that Ash had held the torch once, but didn't it happen more times? This is really a minor thing, just curious. It might have been the Ho-Oh's flame once, but I could have sworn it was the Moltres' at least twice or even 3 times.
  11. E

    AG episode 90

    AG090 - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia unless I'm missing something, Vladimir isn't listed along with Kelly as debuting humans, unless I'm missing something and he had appeared prior.
  12. E

    AG026, perhaps the wrong place for this, but...

    In this episode, Team Rocket states that Ash and friends' Pokemon do not understand human language, that's an error or not? Pokemon are shown to understand MOST of the time (unless they are wild) and the heroes' Pokemon do definitely.
  13. E

    can't register at bulbapedia wiki

    It says username too long, only 1 letter word passes, but they are taken.