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    NEWS: Pokemon 4Ever coming to Blu-ray... in Germany (And UK)

    Studio Canal has taken a leaf out of Echo Bridge's book and decided to release a Pokemon double feature, but instead of the bizarre pairing of movies 5 and 7, they've gone with Pokemon 4Ever and Pokemon Heroes. So of course, this marks the first release of movie 4 on Blu. Despite it being...
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    CITV - Battle Dimension Episodes 50-52 Review Thread

    I looked around and didn't see any rules saying that we had to wait until the American Broadcast to open a review thread, so here goes. If you want to avoid spoilers I'd obviously avoid reading on. Aired on CITV (UK) 4/16 A Shield With A Twist Jumping Rocket Ship 4/17 Sleepless in...
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    Where will the Sinnoh GF be held?

    Care to hazard a guess? Hearthome seems like the obvious choice. But I think Jubilife and maybe even the Resort Area are possibilites.
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    Standard newbie thread. You all know the drill. Well, I guess I should say something. So, Pokemon's cool... yeah... That'll do