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  1. Marcat

    COMPLETE: A Wish For It To Rain [One-Shot]

    I used to be quite active here a while ago, and some of my fondest memories were made here in the Writer's Workshop, creating my stories and reviewing others. However, I left because of real-life pressures. None of you may recognize me, and I don't expect you to. So allow me to introduce myself...
  2. Marcat

    COMPLETE: Board Games with a Pokemon (One-Shot) (EVERYONE)

    This is a one-shot that kinda hit me while checking out LightningTopaz's weekly prompt thread. Its a really light-hearted one-shot. It's not really intended to make you cry or think, just small piece of work that (I hope) is fun to read was really fun to write. I know it may not make that...
  3. Marcat

    TEEN: Darkness before Dawn (3)

    This a new story I've been working on for sometime. It took me sometime to get a plotline and characters worked out. Now I do plan on making a sequel depending on my status at the time and how much feedback I get. I'll cross that bridge when I get there though. The idea sorta hit me while...
  4. Marcat

    Multiple plot lines?

    Hey guys, so I'm planning a fic and I was wondering what you guys think about mulitiple plotlines. Seeing as my new fic is going to have some, I'm hoping to get advice and what you guys think. So, do you think multiple lines detract or add to a story? If so, how would handle them. As in to...
  5. Marcat

    Animal in you

    I've checked the last 3 pages in the forum for a thread that talks about this subject but I haven't found any. (hopefully) Have you ever wanted to know what animal you resemble? I don't mean what you look like or your favorite, more like what animal you resemble pchycalogicly. I found this...
  6. Marcat

    Rating a Thread

    Some people will review it and continue on. Some others will stick around to rate the thread itself. (1-5 stars) Do any of you guys rate the thread? Why? Why not? What makes you want to rate a thread? What dictates your decision?
  7. Marcat

    Twins of Fate : Flames of Vengeance (Chapter Five/Guillotine's interview)

    Credit to Blazaking EX for the banner. Here's the sequel! I spent a lot of time planning it out and trying to fix the flaws of Book 1. It's set 3 years in the future and introduces a new character and a side plot. The personalities will be different, etc. Here's a short prologue, the...
  8. Marcat

    Origins of a Tyrant

    This is my new story! Some of you thought this was Guillotine's story...you were wrong. Though I will do one eventually, I love the guy too much. This story is about the childhood of two of the worst pokemon villians in Pokemon history. Maxie and Archie. I will be using the Ruby...
  9. Marcat

    Next FanFic Winners?

    This thread is here to discuss the next possible winners for the awards. Of course, the awards aren't until September. But there are a lot of good stories here that deserve to win, right? So just post the story that you think is great and may have a chance to win and in which catagory. This is...
  10. Marcat

    Reader opinion thread for my story

    Alright! Now some of you out there may have read my fic Twins of Fate. Some of you may have liked it, and I've gotten real good feedback. So I'm asking the fans of the series, to help me out. I really enjoyed writing the story, it was loads of fun. So I don't want to stop. I'm thinking about...
  11. Marcat

    COMPLETE: Twins of Fate: On The Run (Book 1)

    Credit to Blazaking EX for the banner. This is my first Fanfic ever, so please cut my some slack. This is NOT a self-insert, While I may share the name, the character himself and his personality is imagined. So here goes nothing! EDIT: This is Rated PG-15 -There is Violence and...
  12. Marcat

    New guy in the forum

    hello everyone I 'm new here -Duh!- I just wanted to say hi and ask about the rules for the writing competion one of the reasons I registered. thanks again, sincerely Thabet