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  1. Kavidun

    Pokémon Transformation Hypnosis!

    Hey guys, I just made a new wave of transformation hypnosis files, designed to give you hallucinations of being a Pokémon. Basically it guides you into a trance and puts you through the experience, which (if and only if you desire) can have lasting hallucinations of being a Poké. To use: Pick...
  2. Kavidun

    Not new, but...

    ...it's been a while. And I so need to get active here again >.> So... Yah. I'm Kavidun. Nice to meet you. I'm a brony, trans*, and obviously a Pokémon fan. (Or at least, 4th gen and below... kinda didn't like Black and White so haven't played X and Y... although I plan to if I stay active on...
  3. Kavidun


    I have about 10 viewing my RP at all hours of the day. I'm assuming bug. Any way to fix?
  4. Kavidun

    MLP: Chrysalis Emergence (Me and Royal Sovereign)

    Characters Queen Chrysalis smiled as Celestia's lifeless corpse was levitated into a pauper's grave. 1001 years old, shame she had to die so young. But she'd gotten in the way, and had to be killed. Chrysalis was almost surprised that Celestia had died so easily, and that the little...
  5. Kavidun

    The In-Character Chat Thread

    (( Post in Character chatting here )) (( Use Brackets for OOC Please )) (( And make sure you tell us who you are at the start of the post ^^ )) (( I'm Pinkie Pie ^^ )) Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie! ^^
  6. Kavidun

    TEEN: Deer Diawy (Ponies Warning)

    After recieving Admin support on another forum within 10 Minutes, I decided to post this here. Note that the character in 1st person is Derpy Hooves, a pony with a, well... Disability. Do not be offended. It may seem nonsensical, but there is a plot. This is JUST the first chapter. This is the...
  7. Kavidun

    My Little Pony: Academy of Cuteness!

    Hello! I'm Rainbow Dash! I'm the headteacher here at this school! I also teach Weather Control! Years ago, a crack opened in the sky that removed the barrier between our world and the Pokémon's! Well, we used to use them to fight off evil meanies, but now there are no Evil Meanies, as far as...
  8. Kavidun

    Cancelled: VALVe Mafia: 2 - C'mon guys, lynchl!

    'twas the day after Christmas and all through the mercs A shimmer of electricity made them perk It had come from Gordan freeman The freeman of all I can't bother making this rhyme Or storytell at all. But now this begins with GLaDOS and the hoard. GLaDOS making them break through the...
  9. Kavidun

    Bring Back Searching!

    Why did it go? I want easy links to threads again by clicking my Posts by User, or New Posts for some new threads to post in.
  10. Kavidun


    From memory. This is the misc. thread for advanced mathematics. CURRENT TOPIC: Practical Perfect Number use? Post about ANY advanced Mathematics, but this is the suggested topic from me.
  11. Kavidun

    Unlikable Mod Posts

    The like and share buttons do not appear. Spotted on my thread, mod posting about Kanto. Anyone else got similar issues? All other posts have it fine. Edit: Working now, but why?
  12. Kavidun

    Do you think the DP and BW series have a misleading style?

    Hopefully this isn't too confusing, but: The anime touches on some points that aren't babyish in any way at all. All previous series handled it well, especially AG (Lucario and the Mystery of Mew: Lucario's death), but since DP (even DP001) it just seems... Babyish in style. It touches on...
  13. Kavidun


    VALVe is a company that developes games, and also publishes them through it's steam service. This is the place to discuss VALVe. My name is Space Core, from Portal 2. I may become Spy! from TF2 but not yet. Please discuss all things VALVe here.
  14. Kavidun

    Remade: Super Smash Bros. Brawl RPG

    Last year I made this. It failed. I will try again. Yeah. Before you ask, this isn't following the Subspace plot, but it will have the same style. Where people from diffent universes follow diffent paths and meet for a showdown to defeat Subspace, and TABBU. Of course, being different, you...
  15. Kavidun

    The Timeline of Fanfiction, Role-Playing Games, And the Canon (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)

    Phase One: Import Canon - Complete Phase Two: Import Popular Fics and RPGs - Under Development THIS IS MASSIVELY UNDER DEVELOPMENT. WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T EXPECT EVERYTHING TO BE IN HERE! Well, some fics are set at a point in time, in a certain universe. This can be quite confusing, for...
  16. Kavidun

    A Little bit of... RPG (Prelude: Forum)

    Gym Leader Calvin Truckeeben Lone Wolf I. M. Flawless Lets a go. IC: Four Forumers signed up for an 'RPG' They were: Gym Leader Calvin - Now named "Goldilocks Lebenese Coltrane" Truckebeen - Now named "Trevor Been" Lone Wolf - Now named "Levi Wolfenschtofsky" I. M. Flawless -...
  17. Kavidun

    So I want to learn to cook...

    But I'm 12. What should I start with? I'm a vegetarian but my family aren't, and in case of failure: insert food into dog bowl. How should I begin? I've done food tech at school but sucked at it, and want to start afresh. I can cook Baked Beans in the Pan, or Microwave, if that helps.
  18. Kavidun

    Ban Appeal System

    Well, recently I got banned for 'Flaming' when I got mad after being killed in Mafia. I don't think that my actions fell under that category. Unfortunately, I couldn't appeal as I was banned, and there is no point now. So, what do you think? Maybe ban PM emails could be replied to? What do...
  19. Kavidun

    The Court Of Law: Whodunnit? What is it? (SIGN-UPS FOREVER OPEN)

    This will be an RPG with no major plot. Basically, anyone can kill anyone else. Anyone can steal from anyone else. Anyone can commit a crime in this town. (If you get killed, make a new character). And then the town's Court of Law works it's magic. I need 3 people (judge, prosecutor and defence...
  20. Kavidun

    A Little Bit of... RPG

    Hello, and welcome to a new type of RPG. This RPG will be a very weird one, and will contain different RPGs. And thats it. So, this RPG follows the journey of some Bulbagardeners who have been chosen for an Experiment: The chance to experience First-Hand what they do in RPGs. The...