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  1. J

    Kill, Punch or Befriend

    Basically you say if you want to kill, punch, or befriend the user above you and make a silly excuse DON'T TAKE ANYTHING SAID HERE PERSONALLY!
  2. J

    Make a word out of the previous Pokemon's name

    So basically, you make a word out of the Pokémon's name that the previous poster posted. If you cannot make a word, just say a new Pokémon. Note: You don't have to use ALL the letters. Wobbuffet
  3. J

    Rate the Above's Profile Background V2

    Title says all... Rate the Above Profile's background out of 10 I cant rate now cuz there's no-one above!
  4. J

    Collection: My pokemon action figures (SMALL COLLECTION)

    Here's a list of my pokemon action figures and where I got them. Sweet Pokeballs _______ Hippowdon (Missing) Abomasnow Prinplup Monferno (Broken Tail) Notched Ear Pichu Translusent Pikachu Palkia Froslass Arceus Dialga ~~~~ Pokemon Tins _______ Snivy (From legs downwards...
  5. J

    Pokemon free for all battle

    Choose a Pokemon and battle! There are no limit to your pokemon, and NO teams! ARCEUS, MAGIKARP, FEEBAS AND ABRA NOT ALLOWED BANNED MOVES: TELEPORT, SPLASH, DIVE, DIG, FLY,PERISH SONG, EXPLOSION AND SELFDESTRUCT! GO Sawk! Use Bulk up. Now smash rocks all around you! Charge up A karate Chop and...
  6. J

    Pokemon free for all battle

    Basically we send out a pokemon and battle! Alright! Go Sawk! Use Bulk up and await your opponent's move, and when it makes a sudden movement use Karate chop! Jump and smash the floor with Karate Chop to locate any hidden opponents, use bulk up and charge up a Karate Chop!
  7. J

    Guess the next poster's favourite Pokemon

    (Sorry if there is already a thread of this, I couldn't find one!) Guess the next poster's favourite pokemon _____________________________________ Mewtwo
  8. J

    Vanguard: Trouble in the Universe!

    Well... we have our own characters and our own decks. There is a problem wih lots of Cardfight Vanguard Players Destroying planets! You must stop them by travelling to lots of planets and defeating them! FILL OUT THIS FORM __________ Character name: Avatar Card: Age: Home Country...
  9. J

    EVERYONE: Kirby. There is an Invasion Upon us!

    There was Kirby, playing with Tiff and tuff. They were playing tag when Kirby tripped on something. Tiff went to see what Kirby tripped on, while Tuff went to see if Kirby was Okay. Tuff: Kirby, you awake buddy? Kirby: Ka! *Giggles* Hahaha! Tiff: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Kirby...
  10. J

    Username help!

    For some reason, my username Pokeparadox has lost it's last o. I have changed my password incase of being hacked but can someone fix it?
  11. J


    I don't know where this belongs but I think it belongs here. Well to the point. I got a notification of a pic comment and it said 1 picture comment. I clicked on it to take me to the page and then it showed 2 of the same picture! Why is this? Below are the pictures it has happened with yet...
  12. J

    I'm new!

    Hi, I am 10 years old and new, can I have help with the rules and howto do everything? It would really help!