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    What games did you grow up with (aside Pokemon)?

    this is for games that you played through childhood, not counting Pokemon. for example, i grew up playing with the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series, Crash Bandicoot and Sonic Heroes.
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    Strangest/Funniest Pokémon moments?

    What moments in the time you've played Pokémon would you say were the weirdest? Mine would probably be finding a shiny Dusclops as soon as I went into a Friend Safari
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    who were your PMD starters and partners?

    When you played PMD, which Pokémon did you get? I myself ended up with Machop for me (Brave) and Pikachu as my partner in Blue rescue team (did you guys know Machop could learn Flamethrower?). In TDS i got Mudkip for me (Rash) and Bulbasaur for my partner
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    Why are people so harsh on Gen 1 nowadays?

    I hear so many people criticizing the first generation and i never understood why. Please can someone explain it?
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    What are your Pokemon X and Y teams?

    when you played through X and Y, what Pokemon did you use? My team is Chestnaught (Lv100), Pidgeot (Lv100), Ledian (Lv100), Blastoise (Lv100), Houndoom (Lv99) and Flogres (catching up, it's Lv55-ish)
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    How many times have your Pokemon had Pokerus?

    if your Pokémon team has had Pokerus in the past, post how many times they have. My Pokémon teams have wound up with Pokerus about 5 times overall (3 times in Ruby, once in White and once in White 2).
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    the shiny failure thread

    if you've had a bad bit of luck during a playthrough of pokemon with shinies, post it here. i encountered a shiny zigzagoon earlier. the problem: it was before i was given any poke balls!!!!!!!! i thought resetting might help... it didn't.
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    my strategy for playing pokemon.

    all I do in Pokémon is get my starter, catch two normal Pokémon (Water and Grass/Electric, Grass/Electric and Fire or Water and Fire, depending on who I picked) and then a version-exclusive legendary (or any legendary if there aren't any version-exclusives).
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    strangest nickname you have given a Pokemon?

    this goes down to the nicknames that are funny or ironic I once caught Articuno and named it Siiiiirens, seeing as I caught it when listening to Sirens by Zebrahead. I caught Articuno just as the chorus started up
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    who beats Whitney (and her Miltank) first time?

    if you're able to, or if you have come close on your first try, post your strategy up on here. i can read Whitney like a book. i always pick Chikorita so that i can evolve it into Bayleef, i then teach Bayleef Reflect, which halves damage taken from physical moves, so Miltank can't do a thing...
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    Diancie, the new pokemon...

    Just when you thought you caught 'em all, a 719th Pokemon appears. Doesn't this mean that Pokemon Z could be on it's way? Or is it an event Pokemon? Either way, if you already completed the Pokedex, don't start celebrating yet... someone's gotta find Diancie, right? But who'll be the first to do...
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    I've just joined so I wanted to do this my current playthroughs (can't put 'em on youtube, I don't have a camera. sorry) are Pokémon HeartGold and Kingdom Hearts 2 my favourite Pokémon are Sandslash, Meganium and Dewgong and my favourite Pokémon types are Water and Bug
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    what are your teams in HeartGold ?

    I have a level 24 Gyarados, a level 26 Flaaffy and a level 26 Bayleef :banana: the move pools (right now) are: Flaaffy: Tackle, Growl, Thunder Shock and Thunder Wave Gyarados: Dragon Rage, Tackle, Surf and Strength and Bayleef: Cut, Reflect (helped against Whitney and her Miltank), Magical...