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    TEEN: Burn Notice

    DISCLAIMER: Some mild language Prologue, If you're reading this thinking you are one then close out of this story right now. Your future depends on it. Ancient demons can smell you from miles away. The fate of demigods are very obsure and often very violent. Demigods, half god and half...
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    EVERYONE: Just a Little Christmas Story

    The snow was blinding. It was 3 below zero. This may sound like a typical January or February day. But it's not. It's Christmas Eve. The inside of the house was nice and cozy. The fire was crackling, our growlithe was laying in it. A meowth was curled up in a little ball, sleeping in...
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    Pokemon: The Guardian of the Sea

    This is the first time I tried to write anything Pokemon related. Please give me your views and comments. Edit: Next chapter tonight Chapter 1: The message is received At the dock: "The sky is crystal clear today," I said. "I know, Leo. It's a perfect day for our fishing trip,"Chris said...
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    New Award for fanfic section

    I just thought that there should be an award for Best Unfinished Fanfic.
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    Sorry I've been away

    I just couldn't come up with inspiration for my fanfic, it was driving me crazy so I took a break and took a vacation to the Great Lakes and have finally regained my sanity.
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    Monthly fan fic contests

    I think that we should have a monthly fan fic contest, each one with its own theme. What do you say?
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    If pokemon existed, what do you think would replace animals in the real world?

    Just thinking... I was at a horse track the other day and thought,"If we were in the Pokemon world, would the horses be Ponyta or Rapidash?"
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    Joke Forum?

    I think that Bulbagarden should have a place to post your favorite Pokemon jokes and comment on already existing ones.
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    Reason to learn Japanese

    I am learning Japanese to watch anime, read manga and for my own personal reasons. If you are learning Japanese or you want to learn Japanese, please post it below. I am also going to become a Japanese exchange student in collage.
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    EVERYONE: Johto, begin! (first fanfic)

    I wake up to the same ceiling with all the prints of Unova pokemon. I look at the same map of the Unova region and sigh, because it is the last time I will see the poster for a while. Today is the day that I go to the Johto region.I had to convince my mom, Prof. Juniper, to take me when she...
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    New adventure update!

    This adventure will be in the form of a journal from Jackson Blane and its name will be The Star From Below. I will release the story when Pokemon Black and White are released! This is the Sinnoh story of the adventure. The next story will be named The Rising Star and will take place in the...
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    Your character can be in a new adventure!

    I'm going to start a new story of a mystery that will lead a boy named Jackson around the pokemon universe. I need ideas for friends to travel with him. Please post name, looks, and personality. The mystery begins when pokemon black and white are released. I am going to take one boy and one...
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    Contest: Lucario VS Zoroark

    Results will be posted when pokemon black and white come out.
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    Are you ready for an adventure?

    Hey Pokemon Fans! I'm going to start a story with a character named Jackson. I need some suggestions for a friend or group of friends to travel with Jackson! You have 1 week! The story starts when Pokemon Black and White come out.