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  1. Lover

    How would you change a Gym Leader’s team?

    Not that I disagree with your suggestion, but none of the Johto Gym Leaders in HG/SS received team changes during the main storyline other than Clair iirc. So it seems a bit unfair to only target Morty's team for criticism. Manectric was only his ace in Emerald, and since OR/AS were always...
  2. Lover

    How would you change a Gym Leader’s team?

    I wouldn't have had a problem with this, but I have to question if Misty and Erika really needed Starters on their teams given that Gen 1 already had a lot of other Water-types and Grass-types that they could've used.
  3. Lover

    How would you change a Gym Leader’s team?

    Jesus Christ. She was already a nightmare to battle against, even in HG/SS where her team got nerfed slightly by having one less Dragonair than in G/S/C. So why would you want her to have a Dragonite for the Gym battle? Kudos for using the correct name for her, though. I've seen far too many...