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  1. WallflowerCanyon

    Sinnoh in the Mega-verse.

    How do you guys think the Sinnoh games would have played out in the Poke-verse that has Mega-Evolution? Right now, I'm replaying through Platinum, and I couldn't help but notice how the new elements(Megas, alternate realities, Fairy-type) introduced in Gen 6 could play out in hypothetical...
  2. WallflowerCanyon

    Who's the bigger bastard?

    Cyrus, Ghetsis, or Lysandre? - You got one guy who's utterly emotionless(or at least tries to be when he's not going all rage-quit on the player and threatening revenge), and tries to make a new "perfect" world without emotions and spirit, with him as its deity. This is all due to his harsh...
  3. WallflowerCanyon

    Regrets that you've had playing any Pokemon game.

    Title says it all, folks. Have you chosen certain items or Pokémon in any of the games, or made other decisions, that you've found yourself later on regretting? I think the most recent ones that come to mind for me right now are in X and AlphaSapphire. In X, in order to try something...
  4. WallflowerCanyon

    Home Console Games: main series or side series?

    It's been something that I've always questioned, concerning the Stadiums/Colosseum/XD/Battle Revolution games... but are these particular games considered to be part of the "main series" (they have connectivity with only the main series handheld games), or are they part of the "side series"...
  5. WallflowerCanyon

    Avatar Spin-off, "The Legend of Korra" to be released in 2011

    http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2010/07/21/legend-of-korra-the-creators-of-avatar-the-last-airbender-on-the-new-spinoff/ *insert nerdgasm here* If news on this has already been posted, I'm sorry... but I've searched for quite a while, and I didn't find any sign of one that already existed...
  6. WallflowerCanyon

    The 2010 Earthquake Thread

    Beings there's been a rather "unusual" amount of earthquakes so far this year, I figured that there should be a thread here to keep tabs on them... the ones that have happened so far, and how the relief efforts are going... and new ones that are popping up as well. Like this one in Spain, a 6.2...
  7. WallflowerCanyon

    Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake in California, Arizona, Mexico

    And yet another major earthquake.... http://www1.voanews.com/english/news/americas/69-Earthquake-Strikes-Baja-California-89882237.html I had also heard that there was some people trapped in an elevator somehwere, and that Disneyland has shut down. Haven't I said before that 2010 has been...
  8. WallflowerCanyon

    Wii game for Gen V?

    So far, we've seen each Generation of Pokemon having a home console game within their arsenal... whether it be a Pokemon Snap-type of game, the newer Mystery Dungeon Wii-Ware, or one of what they call the "main series console games" on Bulbapedia...
  9. WallflowerCanyon

    Pokemon Chronicles DVD Question

    I noticed that alot of sources say that Pokemon Chronicles was NEVER available in the US on DVD. But about two years ago, I swear I had seen a couple DVD's in Hastings. I remember that I was thinking about getting them while in the checkout line, but I didn't have enough money...:sweatlol: On...
  10. WallflowerCanyon


    I hope it's not too late to introduce myself....:embarass: Anyhoo... This isn't the first time I've been on forums, there's an account I have on the Toon Zone forums that I've had for almost 3 years starting this coming March. I also have a Deviantart account, I also go by KPTitan on both...
  11. WallflowerCanyon

    Ancient Civilizations of the Pokemon World

    Have you ever wondered or wanted to learn more about the several ancient civilizations that are mentioned throughout the games and the anime? Do you think there's a potential that they could be explored just a little more in both the games and the anime? I think my biggest question is if the...