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Search results

  1. Team Gaara

    So Zeraora was just officially revealed; what does this say for Gen 8's Release?

    So Zeraora just was officially revealed after 86 years~ And as we have confirmed, we will be obtaining it in USUM and not Gen 8 (minor speculation was that we wouldn't get it till then). But now that he's out of the way, Gen 8 is pretty much next on the horizon as there's nothing else they...
  2. Team Gaara

    Thoughts on the truth regarding Lillie and UB-01 (Minor Spoilers)?

    So as we all know, before SuMo came out, we were all pretty dead set on Lillie, Lusamine, and Gladion being connected to Nihilego, Phermosa, and Buzzwole. Now I personally never saw much resemblance in Gladion and Buzzwole, but the others weren't really in question, mainly Nihilego and Lillie...
  3. Team Gaara

    Your Favorite New Creepy/Weird Pokedex Entries in Sun and Moon~

    As we all know by now, Sun and Moon have not failed to continue to give some Dex Entries that are just kinda...."What????" LOL, even older Pokemon have some hilariously crazy entires in Alola~ So I'm wondering which are the most out there to you guys~ While there are some tough contenders like...
  4. Team Gaara

    GEN VI: Tanabata Jirachi

    Looking for the Shiny Moonblast Tanabata Jirachi. I don't really have a preference, though I hear there is a Timid one going around and I wouldn't mind that one. That said, I'm completely fine if it's a clone. I'll be upfront and say I don't have much of anything extravagant to offer. The only...
  5. Team Gaara

    GEN VI: Poke Ball Vivillon Pattern

    Finished the main collection~ Now seeking the Poke Ball Pattern Vivillon~ It can be hacked, cloned, etc~ Still have some useless Pokes I can trade, such as: Shiny Banette (I guess it could be used competitively) Shiny Lopunny (can be used competitively) Celebi (2X) Shiny Ninetales...
  6. Team Gaara

    GEN VI: Need: Monsoon, Ocean, and Jungle Pattern Vivillon

    These are the last patterns of Vivillion I need to complete my collection. In return, I have a few useless Pokes I can trade, such as: Shiny Weavile (can be used competitively) Shiny Mawile (2X) Shiny Banette (I guess it could be used competitively) Shiny Lopunny (can be used...
  7. Team Gaara

    Please Rate My Doubles Team

    So, I've come to realize that teams in Singles don't tend to do so well in Doubles. So I've decided to try out making an actual Doubles Team and I would like some advice. It's pretty much a Sun Team~ [email protected] Specs Ability: Flower Gift Nature: Modest 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd...