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  1. Fulcrum

    POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

    Checking in at 11:30 on Sunday night as I turn in for the evening - up for work at 6am, ugh. I left off last night with a completed chapter, published at 1am before I hit the hay. Today I started the following chapter, which made counting easy. All in all, I've written 2,484 words. That's not...
  2. Fulcrum

    POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

    I wrote something for the first time in about seven months last night! It only amounted to about twenty words, but I opened my document and put digital pen to paper for the first time since I started my new job. I'm just now realising how it appears from the outside looking in: Me, circa...
  3. Fulcrum

    POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

    Chapter outlines from about fifty-something up to 65. Probably 500 words or so. I've promised myself that I'm not writing any more of the actual fic until the outline is done, and that's proving...challenging, but ultimately beneficial I think.