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    Shogakukan secretly hates you.

    ...Or at least it would seem so. Apparently Hayate no Gotoku creator, Kenjiro Hata, made a note of concern over Shogakukan's crazy strict copyright rules. Seeing how Pokemon is among one of the series they hold ownership too, this obviously applies to the fandom. The rules, as detailed on the...
  2. Y

    Endless restart, no recovery?

    About a week or so ago, my computer totally went nuts. I had my protection and everything up to date, everything working fine, no reason for alarm...and then it happened. All I did was leave my computer for a little while (I only had Paint open if I remember right) and...this error had surfaced...
  3. Y

    Favorite Locations

    With all the towns, cities, landmarks, etc. every fan has to have a place they're most attracted to. Whether they appear in the anime, games, a manga, whatever, it's all fair game! What are your favorite locations in the pokemon world and why? For me... Forest Manor: Probably my favorite...
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    Smart or Good Changes

    We have a thread highlighting bad changes to the anime, but what about good? And when I say changes here people, I'm not even just talking about "the writers did this" sort of stuff. Was there anything the dub actually did that you didn't mind? Even as a hardcore lover of the Japanese version...
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    Marina in the new episodes?

    I was a bit worried about posting this (chances are people have already seen it or something), but since I couldn't find it around anywhere...what the heck is this? I'm guessing it's from the new episode, but with Marina there that almost seemed a bit to good to be true. o_o; And for anyone...