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Search results

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    looking for a RNGed Pawniard

    Hello! I'm looking for a RNGed Pawniard in Gen V, with the Egg Move Mean Look. Can Anyone help me with that? thanks beforehand
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    GEN VI: LF Aggronite

    That's it. I traded away my aggronite, and now I regret that. Anyone has a spare one? or can trade one? I can offer BP Items.
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    GEN VI: LF: HA Zubat and HA Carvanha

    As you can read, I'm looking for an Infiltrator Zubat and a Speed boost Carvanha. I don't care about IVs nor nature. What can I offer: -HA chimchar -HA Treecko -Aqua Jet/Dragon Dance/Ice Punch Totodile
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    GEN VI: Need Charizardite X

    That´s it. I'm looking for it. Anyone have a leftover one?
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    GEN VI: LF Gyarados, Pupitar and Dragonair Safaris

    That's it. I'm looking for friends whose safaris have these pokémon, please. Mine has Abra, Espurr and Gothorita
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    LF DWF Abra.

    That's it. I can offer some interest DWF: Dratini, Poliwag, Vulpix. Any gentle soul who can help?
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    LF tamato berry

    Thats it. I need a Tamato berry. I can offer some starters (treecko, mudkip, chimchar, turtwig, oshawott, tepig). Also a shiny machamp is looking for a new home.
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    Looking for a Linoone

    Somehow I got the linoone. Please close this thread.
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    looking for pokedex filler Buneary

    That´s the thing, I need a dex filler Buneary or Loppuny for breeding, for my W2 version. I can offer a dex filler Skitty. If you have a Buneary, it may be just a trade for dex recording. Happy new year to all of you!!!!
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    Hello everybody!!!!!

    Hi! I'm pastafari, n i'm new here. Nice to meet u all