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    A song question

    OK... I wasn't entirely sure where to ask this, but I guess it counts as "other media", since I'm looking for a song. It's called "Mama no Daiji na Pokemon" or "Mama's Dear Pokemon" according to Bulbapedia. It took a lot of digging around just to find the article about the song. A quick...
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    Seiko's Art

    Might as well start off an art thread here with a picture of Bulbasaur! Can I have a show of hands for the people who yawned after seeing this? Done with a tablet in gimp. I'm still trying to figure out gimp, and make the lines look smoother and stuff. Any critiques are more than...
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    Nice to meet you all

    Hello all, I'm no stranger to the Pokemon fandom, but I'm new to Bulbapedia forums. This seems like a pretty friendly place, so I hope I'll have a good time and meet some nice people. :3