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    REVIEW: "The Club Battle Finale: A Heroes Outcome!"

    I really enjoyed this episode, even though I was kind of half-asleep while watching. What delivery service did Iris say she was sending her Wings via to Dragon Village? I thought it was a Pokémon, but now I just can't remember.
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    Why was Trip created?

    I think the writers enjoy having characters for rivals that do not appear in the games. It sets them more apart, besides the often change of plot. I am sure that the same writer/artist had a play with Trip as with Paul causing them to have similar features and attitudes. Also, Trip replacing...
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    Official Pokémon Black & White Title Announcement Thread #2

    Re: Official New Dub Episode Title Announcement Thread 2 Even though it is my opinion, I feel that all of the titles so far for Black & White have superseded the Japanese titles. I mean, we only have up to BW031, but they all feel ... right to me. The title Ash and Trip's Third Battle kind...
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    REVIEW: "Victini and the Dark/Light Hero: Zekrom/Reshiram" Review Thread

    I assume, I could be wrong, that they are just showing the first six minutes of the movies, not six minutes of selected scenes from the movie. I am sure they were just trying to be clear.
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    PREVIEW: BW042: Don Battle Tournament! Satoshi vs. Iris!!

    Re: BW040-42: Don Battle Tournament I really cannot see any Pokémon, under the ownership of Ash, Iris, and Cilan, evolving during this tournament. Ash's roster is Palpitoad, Snivy, and another Pokémon, right? I remember people saying it might be Pikachu, however, I have not seen anything that...
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    Could N replace Trip as Ash's main rival?

    I feel dumb for saying this, but I think this is just like saying "Could Giovanni replace Gary Oak?" or "Could Cyrus replace Paul?" However, N is much younger than the past villains and really Ghetsis is the main brain behind Team Plasma ... I just cannot see N being a rival to Ash. It would...
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    REVIEW: "A Venipede Stampede!" Review Thread

    As I was watching this episode I was thinking, "Wow, did they even edit this episode at all? Or did they just not care about the ending??" Well when the ending came around, it was obviously edited. Thank goodness, it is wonderful not having to worry about how they will handle things. Although I...
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    BULBAPEDIA: Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    This probably has been suggested hundreds of times before, but I think it would be interesting to have a "Similar Pokémon" page. I know someone may say that, "Pokémon are not copies of each other, etc. There is no need to create a page like that." However, I think about like this: Pokémon are...
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    REVIEW: BW 036 "Fossil Revival! Ancient Mysterious Bird Archeos!!" Review Thread

    re: BW 036 (039) "Fossil Revival! Ancient Mysterious Bird Archeos!!" Review Thread I remember someone saying that the TRio in black uniforms symbolizes how they work to please Giovanni when he is present and an active influence. While TRio with white uniforms symbolizes how they act when he...
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    PREVIEW: BW 38-Zorua

    Re: BW 40-Zorua Ah, well, I guess that does make a bit more sense. I wasn't in my right mind, haha.
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    PREVIEW: BW 38-Zorua

    Re: BW 40-Zorua I believe they mean "The Movie Zorua", as in the Zorua from M13 is going to reappear.
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    PREVIEW: BW039 - Fossil Revival! Ancient Mysterious Bird Archeops!!

    One would only hope so, even if it is a short flashback scene.
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    The worst clothes in the anime?

    I slightly disagree ... Some of the background characters in Unova have quite unique and pretty designs. For example: (from BW014, mainly the woman and the child and then the woman in the background.) (from BW019, mainly the jeweler) I am not saying that are that 'stylish', but I, myself...
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    REVIEW: "A Night in the Nacrene City Museum!" Review Thread

    Lenora's voice was wonderful and probably the highlight of this dub episode for me.
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    Could you be so kind enough to tell me where you found the sprites in your signature? (Like the...

    Could you be so kind enough to tell me where you found the sprites in your signature? (Like the artist's account, etc.)
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    Yeah I guess so! c:

    Yeah I guess so! c:
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    What is the story behind Iris' Excadrill?

    You have to remember that Iris' hometown appears not to be Opelucid City, however I doubt it would make your theory inaccurate. It is possible that a cave is nearby her hometown. Even in-game Iris is stated to be from the "jungle" or something along those lines in an interview or one of those...
  18. M

    Good Places to Train Pokemon in Unova

    As pointed out earlier the Nimbasa Big Stadium and Small Court are great places to train. I also like to train in Black City (well if you have Black) and battling Cheren daily is also helpful. Also battling Morimoto at the Game Freak building in Castelia City as well as going on the Royal Unova...
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    Underwater Ruins deciphered

    "The legendary Pokémon Zekrom shared its wisdom with the hero and defied foes with fierce lightning. The hero and that Pokémon were as close as parent and child. People were filled with awe and looked up to them, and that it said to be the beginning of what became ancient Unova." It did not...
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    At the end of Pokemon Black & White **Contains Spoilers**

    I am sure that could be said by said about Team Rocket ... Cynthia ... And so many other characters from the Pokémon games. However, I prefer that they at least have reoccurring characters to establish a better timeline. It also makes it seem more at peace and equal. It is not just "I am from...