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  1. CommanderPigg

    Larger inbox size for normal users

    I don't know how feasible this is, since I'm not sure how much information can be saved on the servers or whatever you store data in, but I've been kissing 500 messages for some time now and it's really annoying having to empty out my messages every time I need to have a private convo with...
  2. CommanderPigg

    Returning Characters and their Roles

    Okay, so with the confirmed return of Dawn and Cynthia, it's obviously natural to expect/hope for other characters to return, right? RIGHT? I am very hopeful for Paul to play a role in the BW, because as adyniz; has mentioned: (among other reasons) Any other predictions? Brock...
  3. CommanderPigg

    Different colored links?

    Hello, I have a request. When reading the forums, sometimes it's hard to distinguish the links from the actual body since on some skins, they are the same color. This is especially difficult now that the links are automatically parsed with the title of the page. Would it be too much trouble to...
  4. CommanderPigg

    CommanderPigg's Media Armada

    Atten-hut! Welcome aboard the S.S. Piggy, where you will be bombarded with my plethora of piggy media mediocrity! :D Well...I suppose if you want an introduction... You can say that this ship is a Host Club as well, so I'll have not only covers, but sparkly fan-made AMVs as well...you know...
  5. CommanderPigg

    REVIEW: "Triple Leaders, Team Threats!" Review Thread

    Ash is led to the Striaton gym by a young man, Cilan, after he gained interest in his pikachu. Although he is fully prepared for a battle, Ash discovers that the gym isn't exactly what he anticipated... DISCUSS!
  6. CommanderPigg

    REVIEW: "A Sandile Gusher of Change" Review Thread

    On their way to Striaton City for Ash’s first Unova Gym Battle, our heroes come across a family whose resort hotel is in dire need of help! Discuss!
  7. CommanderPigg

    Separate sticky/normal threads

    Hey, is it possible to get separate sticky/normal threads? (Thanks, Iteru for the link) I think it would be pretty useful for sections like the anime forums and the shipping forums and any others with a bunchload of stickys ^^; example from Pokecommunity
  8. CommanderPigg

    Do you have a fandom bicycle?

    We seem to have a lot of "who do do you ship _____ with" threads, and I noticed people like to multiship...quite a bit XD A fandom bicycle (alternate names: Launcher of a thousand ships, little black dress) is one character that you ship with several people (if not EVERYONE). I happen to have...
  9. CommanderPigg

    Iris Insanity!

    (I hope this is allowed) Hey everyone, this started in the Best Wishes! Anime thread but it got in the way of discussion, so I decided to move it here! I've made templates of Iris, the new black and white girl as closely as I can. It's up to you to imagine her color scheme: And for those...