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Search results

  1. thedarkbunnylord

    A New Change in Serena's Character Design...

    I absolutely love it! Also I think it's nice to see anime characters changing their clothes once in a while, hahaha. I think the short hair suits her so well, not so sure what I think about the hat or shoes (as separate items both are really nice, but in the outfit, hmm) , but other than I think...
  2. thedarkbunnylord

    Why do people ask for legendary pokemon in exchange for common pokemon?

    At least in the 6th gen you can filter out all special pokémon and go even further by only seeking trades for pokémon you have. GTS used to be a massive pain back in the 4th generation <__<.
  3. thedarkbunnylord

    Do you plan out your team?

    I usually do some planning, especially with brand new games with a load of new Pokémon, but I can't say I religiously follow my plans either. With Y I kinda knew already some of the pokémon I definitely wanted in my team (Swirlix, Honedge and Chespin), but for example I hadn't planned using...
  4. thedarkbunnylord

    Pokémon The Series: XY Season 2 - Be a Hero English Dub Opening

    I personally find these ah-so-heroic themes super lame and Be a Hero wasn't any different from that. It started out quite well and catchy, but the chorus just didn't work for me at all. Also the singers hoarse voice was a bit... I dunno, it just didn't sound very good. The footage was alright I...
  5. thedarkbunnylord

    The Shiny Encounters Thread

    I'm still trying to hatch a shiny Sewaddle, a shiny Swadloon is my number one favourite shiny and I must get it OwO. But the last shiny I encountered was a shiny Poochyena this morning in AlphaSapphire! It's also very pretty although I'm not a big fan of Poochyena line.
  6. thedarkbunnylord

    The Most Annoying Pokemon to Encounter

    Pokémon with Arena Trap or Shadow Tag are a pain. I also personally hated Zebstrika in BW/BW2. I tend to like slow Pokémon and I was never able to run away from one, not even when my Pokémon were far higher levels than any wild Zebstrika.
  7. thedarkbunnylord

    What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

    Bakuman. Despite the slightly ridiculous romance, it's one of those animes that after watching it you just want to get productive and I always start watching it, if I need some new energy for any creative projects.
  8. thedarkbunnylord

    Is Pokemon getting too easy?

    I can't really sign the whole "gamers have just gotten older" statement, 'cos even it's true to some lengths, the effect will stop at some point. I don't really play the games any differently now than I did when I was for example 15 (which was over 7 years ago) - and it does feel like Pokémon...
  9. thedarkbunnylord

    Coffee, Tea or none?

    As I come from Finland, a country where people consume by far more coffee per capita than in any other country, I must say I love coffee. Although I do like tea as well, it's just not the same as the great, black strong cup of coffee :3.
  10. thedarkbunnylord

    Which Starters are Canon (Kalos)?

    For some reason Serena with Fennekin, Shauna with Froakie and Calem with Chespin has kinda stuck me as head-canon. It's mainly from my personal gaming experience, but also from anime and manga. Just like some people have said it, Serena is kinda stuck with Fennekin after the anime scenario...
  11. thedarkbunnylord

    The lack of merchandise outside of Japan/US (in particular plush)

    I was kinda hoping there'd be more Pokémon merchandise in the UK than where I used to live before, but that was false hope D:. Most places only sell the most recent set of TGC boosters and decks, if even those. I think The Entertainer is pretty much the only place with even a decent range of...
  12. thedarkbunnylord

    Do you use the GTS?

    Now that the 6th generation actually made GTS at least somewhat pleasant to use with the improvements (mainly, the ability to turn off the legendary pokémon request and being able to search pokémon outside your Pokédex), yes, I use it quite much. I think filling up the National Dex would be...
  13. thedarkbunnylord

    GEN VI: Wanted: Hidden Ability Lileep

    Oh no, I'm so sorry if it's giving you a trouble:D! Just hit me with a message when you've gotten one~
  14. thedarkbunnylord

    GEN VI: Wanted: Hidden Ability Lileep

    Oh sure! My friend code is 1762-3789-7117. I'm ready whenever you are, just hit me with a trade request/or message me here when you're or something :). Thank you already!
  15. thedarkbunnylord

    GEN VI: Wanted: Hidden Ability Lileep

    Oh, thank you, that would be amazing! And no, I don't think gender matters at all :) What would you like to get in return?
  16. thedarkbunnylord

    GEN VI: Wanted: Hidden Ability Lileep

    Lileep with a Storm Drain ability desperately wanted! I don't know what to offer in exchange as I don't have much anything special in my Y apart from maybe a shiny Axew. Can always try to get you a few nice items, do EV training, or if it's okay; share some legendaries (have a few extra Latios...
  17. thedarkbunnylord

    VG Weekly Poll #44 Will you be purchasing Pokémon Conquest?

    I'll buy it definitely, but not in the near future. Conquest-like strategy games aren't that interesting imo, but I appreciate the idea of making something really fresh and new with Pokémon.
  18. thedarkbunnylord

    So, how's your Pokedex coming along? (Unova edition)

    Unova Seen: 153 Obtained: 153 National Seen: 404 Obtained: 307 Still a long way to go. I want another DS to help with trades.
  19. thedarkbunnylord

    Ideas For New Pokemon

    I want a mosquito Pokémon, which would be the most annoying thing ever. It could have an ability, which rises its evasion +6 at the start of the match. Otherwise it would have the crappiest movepool ever and weak defenses.
  20. thedarkbunnylord

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Anime version of Victory Road theme from Pokémon RSE.