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Search results

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    DP83 title

    Source: some scan DP83: ノモセジム!VSマキシマム仮面!!(Nomose Gym! VS Maximum Mask!!) Pastoria Gym! VS Crasher Wake!! air date: 19 June (no airing on 12 June---'baseball time')
  2. P

    DP82 title

    source: http://anime.webnt.jp/program/index.php?pg_page=tv_detail&detail=446 DP82 Title: ノモセ大湿原のグレッグル祭り!? The Croagunk Festival of the Pastoria Great Marsh!? Air date: 5th June It's about Brock's Croagunk participating in Pastoria's annual Croagunk celebration to compete for the...
  3. P

    New title confirmed (Haruka comes back)

    Source scan: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=9906&d=1206372071 certain Digital TV Guide: Haruka/May is going to make her first re-appearance in DP in what is probably the next episode of the Wallace epi: DP76:「レストラン七つ星!タッグバトルでフルコース!!」 Restaurant Seven Stars...
  4. P

    April 17 title

    Source Scan: http://r.pic.to/ue153?r=1 (kindly offered by The Incarnation ポケモン) the April 17 episode title is: コンテストマスター・ミクリ登場!! (Contest Master - Wallace Appears!!) or (Enters the Contest Master - Wallace!!) for bio of Wallace: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Wallace...
  5. P

    New titles & summaries

    Source: Pokeani Scan: http://www.imgup.org/iup570047.jpg http://www.imgup.org/iup570048.jpg http://www.imgup.org/iup570049.jpg - March 27 - No airing - April 3 - One-hour Special (DP73+DP74) DP73 : さよならドクケイル!(Farewell Dustox!) DP74 : ピカチュウ!ライチュウ!進化への道!! (Pikachu! Raichu! The...
  6. P

    Three March Titles

    From Pokeani: scan link: http://i.pic.to/mw5to?r=1 3/13 DP70 シャンとしてリーシャン! (Pull Yourself Together, Chingling!) 3/20 DP71+DP72 ポケモンレンジャー!波導のリオル!! (前編+後編)(1時間SP) (Pokemon Ranger! The Wave-Guiding Riolu!!) (a Two-Part One-Hour Special) It is believed that the Ranger Special this time...
  7. P

    New title

    source: web NewType http://pc.webnt.jp/anime/detail0072080208.html DP69: ステキファッション!その名はギンガ団!! Great Fashion! The name is Team Galactic!! (airing date: 6 March) It probably means:(Those 'Great Fashion Guys'! Their Name is Team Galactic!) Brief summary: Ash's gym battle is over. The...
  8. P

    DP66+DP67 titles & summaries

    Confirmed DP67 title from Pokeani: ヒカリはじめてのジムバトル!! Dawn's First Gym Battle!! ------------------------------------------------------------ source: New Type http://pc.webnt.jp/anime/detail0072090108.html the temporary title of DP66 (to be aired on 7 Feb) is ルカリオ! 怒りのはどうだん!!(仮)...
  9. P

    Movie11 title revealed

    according to Pokeani, today's おはスタ (a TV programme) released a trailer and the title of Movie 11: 「劇場版ポケットモンスターダイヤモンド&パール ギラティナと氷空(そら)の花束」 『Theatrical Edition Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl: Giratina and the Bouquet of the Ice Sky (or Icy Sky?)』 Narration of the trailer says: the...
  10. P

    New scan & titles (minor updates)

    『well, I have added a little bit more details to the summaries of DP53&54, enjoy the underlined part. Source: Pokeani discussion board』 from the New Type scan: Nov. 1, DP53: ヒコザルの涙!Tears of Chimchar! Nov. 8, DP54: ナタネとサボネア!さよならは誰のため!Gardenia & Cacnea! Farewell is for whom! from the...
  11. P

    Hunter J comes back

    The scan revealed some new info on the incoming DP episodes, including: the Groudon VS Rayquaza battle scene (possibly created by Mismagius?) & a never-seen-before NEW Rayquaza (may be Mismagius itself?); an incident created by the yawn of Hippopotas; and most notably, the return of Hunter J &...
  12. P

    Probably a new epi title

    from Pokeani discussion board, the title of DP41 on July 26th is probably: ヒカリとノゾミとダブルパフォーマンス! (Dawn and Zoey and Double Performance!) seems to be a contest-related episode and...Movie 1 to Movie 4 will be aired on TV in the daytime from July 23rd to 26th.
  13. P

    DP38 title

    Title of DP38 is: 爆誕!サイクリングロード!! (Revelation / Explosive Birth! Cycling Road!!) Air date: 21 June. It seems that no episode will be aired on 28 June due to a 2-hour TV Champion Special.
  14. P

    DP31 title

    From TV Taro, quoted by Pokeani, The title for the April 26 episode (DP31) is ナエトル対ナエトル!スピード対決!!(Turtwig VS Turtwig! Speed Showdown!!) Is the other Turtwig Natane's?
  15. P

    Two episode titles

    From Pokeani, Titles for the one-hour special on April 12 are available now. The special includes DP28 & DP29. DP28: フワンテと北風の使い!(Drifloon and the Messenger of North Wind!) DP29: サトシとヒカリ!タッグバトルで大丈夫!? (Ash and Hikari! No Problem in a Tag Battle!?) DP28 is a story about the family of Nurse...
  16. P

    A new episode title

    From Pokeani, The April 19th episode is: ハクタイの森!ミノムッチ進化作戦!! (Hakutai Forest! Burmy Evolution/Evolving Operation!!) There is a one-hour Special on April 12th, which probably includes two episodes (DP28 & DP29), thus the April 19th ep is probably DP30. So far no titles given about the April...
  17. P

    New Pokemon Game?

    The scan (originally uploaded by blue skY) shows a minor page from Coro Coro Comic April Issue. It says 'ポケモン新ゲーム登場!? ' (Pokemon New Game Debut!?) No more info given at the moment. There may be updates once more pages are scanned.
  18. P

    Two new episode titles

    See attached pic scan. DP26 & DP27, along with other unknown content, will be aired as a TWO-hour special on April 5. The titles are: DP26 ポケモンコンテスト!ソノオ大会!!(Pokemon Contest! Sonou Conference!!) DP27 決戦!ポッチャマVSポッタイシ!!(Deciding Match! Piplup VS Pottaishi!!) These two episodes are about...
  19. P

    DP gym battle poster

    scan of the "Diamond·Pearl Gym Battle Poster" confirmed debut of Roserade, Floatzel, and most importantly, Lucario, in future gyms.
  20. P

    DP23 title & summary

    DP23 title:「爆走ハガネール!ビッパの村を守れ!!」 (Roaring Steelix! Protect the Bippa Village!!) airs 15 March. Source: Pokeani Summary: Ash & co. find an injured Bippa in a forest and are about to take it to the nearby waterfall when Team Rocket appear. However, behind them there is a very angry Steelix...