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    Other Wi-Fi Competitions thread

    Looking for battle hall partner I am currently in need of battle points and was wondering if anyone would like to go to battle hall with me vm me if ur interested
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    The In-Game Team Advice Thread

    Re: TAKE NOTE: All in-game teams go here. K all i hav to do in my game is beat red here is my in-game team Brongzong Lvl 36 Stealth Rock Explosion Charge beam Psychic Mew Lvl 43 Fly surf whirlpool waterfall Venasaur lvl 42 Cut Rock Smash Strentgh Rockclimb Gyarados lvl 54...
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    nd hlp with a moveset

    hi i couldnt find a thread to show teams and like rmt so i nd hlp i caught shiny gyarados and i nd hlp with his movesets for competitive battleing Name: Gyarados Nature: Bold Moves: Bite,Dragon Rage, Leer, Twister can anyone hlp me with the move set plz and ty