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Search results

  1. Carbon-14

    GEN VI: [LF] Modest Eevee (HP Fight) + Sly Zoroark

    I am looking for a Modest Eevee that has the IV spread 31/30/30/30/30/30 for HP Fighting. (However I think any even number can take the place of a 30, and the HP will still be fighting type, so the Atk IV can also be set to 2 or 0.) The gender of the Eevee does not matter. Relearnable/egg moves...
  2. Carbon-14

    GEN VI: HA Tyrunt and HA Cyndaquil with HP Rock

    Hi, I'm looking for a Rock Head Tyrunt, preferably a female (though a male will work) with decent IVs. I'm aiming for a Jolly Rock Head Tyrunt with 31's in each stat except Special Attack, so if you happen to have something close to that onhand, I'd love to trade it. If not, that's cool; I've...
  3. Carbon-14

    just sticking my feet in the water

    Hi, there! I'm a newbie to the Bulbagarden community--haven't really made any posts since I signed up. You can call me Carbon, obviously~ I originally only signed up to do a private RP with another user, but then I noticed WHOA, A GTS FORUM and WHOA, A COMPETITIVE BATTLE FORUM, along with an art...