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Search results

  1. Cresselia92

    POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

    I’ve written my first Nuzlocke oneshot: 1.000-long story, and the first of a series.
  2. Cresselia92

    POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

    I have written around 1.500+ words worth of lore ideas and plot points. Oh, and I've also continued a bit of Chapter 1 as well. Around 600 words for it, give or take. Aiming for the 6.000 words for chapter mark.
  3. Cresselia92

    POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

    27.600+ chapter? And here I thought that my 13.000+ chapter was breaking the mold. :p I have nothing against long chapters, though, especially if you don’t want to break the pacing of the plot. Just be careful and make sure to keep the story engaging, so that people won’t fall to the attention...
  4. Cresselia92

    POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

    I’ve got a creative burst and written a draft of a timeline for my Pokémon and Kingdom Hearts crossover. Trying to tie the events together is tough, but I’m kinda satisfied with what I’ve got so far. ^^ Trying now to glue the events of Dream Drop Distance and Black (2)/White (2)/XY together.