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Search results

  1. G

    PWT/Battle Subway Trio

    Single battle, some tweaks would be nice. Hydreigon @ Life Orb Rash 252SpA/252Spe/4Atk ~Draco Meteor ~Fire Blast ~Earth Power ~Superpower Starmie @ Expert Belt Timid 252SpA/252Spe/4HP ~Hydro Pump ~T-Bolt ~Ice Beam ~Psychic Terrakion @ Choice Band Jolly ~Sacred...
  2. G

    Returning Veteran(?)

    I joined BMGF waaaaay back in 2010! I took a prolonged hiatus as I grew away from Pokémon... But I couldn't ever stay way forever! I'm back, hoping to meet friends old and new and make myself part of the community again!
  3. G

    TEEN: Broken and Burning [Chapter Two Added]

    Holy crap this is from a while back... My writing style is so... Tame! And rather lacking of flow too... Might re-boot this? I had notes for a few more chapters. Who am I kidding, I'm doubting anybody wants another half-hearted fanfic on here...
  4. G

    WANTED: Trio of UT battlers!

    Specific to a team I'm in the process of building, I need 3 specific Poké's to bolster the squad! If you can supply me with any of the three, post away! But decent enough IV's are a must, if I wanted regular Mon's I'd breed them myself :L RNG's are completely acceptable, if that's the...
  5. G

    MATURE: A Shattered Realm

    Frankly, these types of fic's are a strong favourite of mine! As no story has really yet been put forward, I can't make any comments on that but, I do like the way you've portrayed the men as soldiers fighting unwillingly to save their homeland, always a nice touch. As for the detail, I'm...
  6. G

    Food in the Pokémon World

    I love Gorons! On topic though, The eating of Pokemon has been mentioned a fair few times throughout all of the different types in which Pokemon is portrayed. Yet of course, none of us would be particularly fond of eating out team-mates and/or partners. So, agreeing with juicebox here...
  7. G

    Bulbagarden! Season Three (Chapter 43 Up) Rated T

    Re: Bulbagarden!: Season Three I am thouroughly enjoying this! And would like to be put on the mailing list please... Plus, it's good to see another Dr.Who fan around the place, although I presume there probably are quite a few on BMGf...
  8. G

    What would your first Pokemon be?

    Hippopotas! A Hippo... That shoots sand... Life=Sorted!
  9. G

    Your First Level 100 Pokemon

    My Electabuzz from FireRed Buzzby was a bit of a beast, even back then! And well now he's an Electivire on my White Cart.!
  10. G

    The Banned Game v2

    Banned for breaking BulbaBot's heart via an affair with a robotic Turtwig...
  11. G

    The most "frightening/threatening" Pokemon ever?

    Anybody find Heatmor a bit threatening? They burn the outer shell of Durants, and then feast on their insides... Tasty ;D
  12. G

    New fic coming

    I'll be an avid reader! No doubt about that.
  13. G

    Defensive Tactics and Entry Hazards in fic

    I'd agree with Tsutarja with those two! Also, drawing from the anime, (¬¬) Toxic Spikes could be portrayed as poison-tipped spikes submersed under the battlefield, that spring into action upon the entry of a Pokemon. Rapid Spin could dig up such spikes and toss them out of harms way. As...
  14. G

    Catching Pokemon the good 'ole fashioned way

    Indeed! This will have to be a sort of SubPlot, that'll delve backwards through the characters' histories I guess, as the main plot heavily relies on this new technology the Apricorn will have to be explained in depth eventually! An ancestor of Kurt's is looking a much more viable...
  15. G

    Catching Pokemon the good 'ole fashioned way

    That was certainly an interesting read! But as you said, in the case of Apricorns it will be tough! I don't really know how or where to begin... :} Perhaps the branches of a certain species of tree can be used to line the edges of the mechanism, and can sort of "hold" the energy signature of...
  16. G

    Catching Pokemon the good 'ole fashioned way

    As I'm sticking to my Kantonian guns here, with the only steel types from Kanto being Magnemite and Magneton, I can't really incorporate them into a story based 400-700 years before the events of Red and Blue. But I see what you mean. Pokemon like Steelix and Mawile could exist, definitely...
  17. G

    The Most Annoying Pokemon to Encounter

    Audino! I could bring myself to savagely mutilate them! I spent way too long searching for the Elemental Monkeys because of them!
  18. G

    Catching Pokemon the good 'ole fashioned way

    As for the timing, think way back ;) We've just harnessed the powers of Apricorns! Also, I'm thinking of basing it in Kanto, so the lack of Apricorn trees in Kanto can be a result of this plotline. The Pokemon themselves, won't yet be name Pokemon as they've just really been captured...
  19. G

    Catching Pokemon the good 'ole fashioned way

    An idea for a fic here, in dire need of attention and responses from other writers. Most of us avid Pokefans have caught many a monster on our games, as was the intial purpose of the games, to catch them all. Yet, as I whittle away yet more game time trying to complete the National Dex this...
  20. G

    Realistic Pokemon Images (NOT PHOTOSHOP)

    How can you not find that scary?! It's literal nightmare fuel! Injected with pure nightmares!