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Search results

  1. thedarkbunnylord

    GEN VI: Wanted: Hidden Ability Lileep

    Lileep with a Storm Drain ability desperately wanted! I don't know what to offer in exchange as I don't have much anything special in my Y apart from maybe a shiny Axew. Can always try to get you a few nice items, do EV training, or if it's okay; share some legendaries (have a few extra Latios...
  2. thedarkbunnylord

    Filling up my Dexie

    Yeah, I'm trying to fill up my Pokédex. The saddest part is, I don't really have anything cool to offer, but you can try me. I can get you some items for the return. And of course I can always help anyone, who traded with me, with trade-evolutions and IV checking etc. There's also an extra...
  3. thedarkbunnylord

    A female Axew and Ditto, please?

    I'm looking for a female Axew. I'd love to get also Ditto, preferably another than English languaged one. But Ditto isn't that necessary, just wanting one for the future. I don't really have anything cool to share, since I'm quite begin the game. Well, I can give you are Rare Candy or something...
  4. thedarkbunnylord

    Some help needed with Mozilla Firefox

    Okay, I tried to look answer to my problem, but couldn't find anything helpful and then I thought about asking help here :|. So, my Firefox doesn't show me any images, videos or styles anymore. For an example, Google looks like this, when viewed Firefox now. Internet Explorer works fine...
  5. thedarkbunnylord

    Hey, come on and say hi to me :D

    So, hello everyone! I'm Avri, a 17 year old girl from a somewhat little and unknown country called Finland. Well, that wasn't a very interesting start... The games are the biggest reason, why I like Pokémon and I've played those games since Red&Blue hit in the stores here in Finland about...