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  1. CosmicBlaine

    What if each Pokemon game had a harder version?

    I just wanna get all my ideas out so I don't fill up more space in other threads Making Black and White harder Not Black and White 2 Anyways, the first notable difference is that when you fight N, he has both a Purrloin and Zorua in which they are both level 9. As we move along, we notice...
  2. CosmicBlaine

    What if each Pokemon game had a harder version?

    I am gonna say what I look forward to in a difficulty mode. I look for more of a challenge, harder grinding, harder battles, updated areas, less available pokemon, and just something that could be implemented for replayability.
  3. CosmicBlaine

    What if each Pokemon game had a harder version?

    I guess I can throw my hat in This is Kanto, movesets and evolutions based off of USUM Everyone is rematchable, with post game having teams that might resemble the World Tournament in B2W2 (Except for Elite 4, they will have out of region pokemon) Brock: Geodude, Onix, Aerodactyl. Geodude and...
  4. CosmicBlaine

    What if each Pokemon game had a harder version?

    What I mean with this is what if every pokemon game received a hard mode, or just a harder revamped. How would gym battles, encounters, rival battles, evil team battles, elite four battles, champion battles, and just the main story be changed or updated.