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  1. J

    The Team Rocket dynamic

    This is about something I've possibly imagined, but it seemed worth asking about all the same. In the early days of Pokemon, Meowth often functioned as the common sense of the Team Rocket trio (or the least insane member, at any rate). Jessie and James would go off into reveries together, or...
  2. J

    Witches and Wizards [WICKED, PG-13]

    I don't know if anyone here reads Wicked fanfic, but if you do, I hope you like this. Musical-canon, set post-musical, ch 1 of... god knows. Ch 1 – The Interview Room What with everything else Glinda had to do – rebuilding Munchkinland, rewriting the legal statutes concerning...
  3. J

    Names that haven't been used in the anime

    There's a thread about names the anime has recycled, but what names haven't ever been used at all? Inquiring minds want to know. OK, just me. ;) edited for everyone else's suggestions Addie Adolf Alexandra Alexis Alfred Alison Alma Alton Amanda Ambrose Amy Andrew/Andy April...
  4. J

    Question about May and Max's house

    Just a quick bit of research - do May and family live at the Petalburg gym, or do they have a house somewhere else? And can anyone tell me approximately the layout of the house/gym? I don't have any of the Petalburg episodes, unfortunately. Thanks. :)
  5. J

    Girl poll... because we never get tired of those

    I said I'd repost this poll over here... the other version's on SPPF. Sorry for bringing up the dreaded ancient discussion again. Still, ticky boxes are fun, right?
  6. J

    COMPLETE: Firelight (PG, May/Drew, oneshot)

    Slightly early Christmas shippy fic. ^_^ It's Contestshipping (duh), rated PG for one mild swear word and... well, you'll see when you get there ;), and very, very mushy. I think that's all the warnings you need. :p Enjoy! --- Firelight As soon as he walked through the doors, Drew...
  7. J

    What's wrong with thinking you're right?

    I've ranted about this topic plenty of times, but never made a thread about it. So... here it is! :D This is something that's puzzled me ever since I joined my first fandom; IMO it's a subject worth discussing. In all the time I've been reading shipping forums and taking part in debates, a...
  8. J

    (Anime, romance) Water Reunion!

    Alternative titles for the thread include 'I'm late, I'm late for a very important date' and 'I'm a moron who can't read'. Um, this was supposed to be my Bulbagarden New Year exchange fic, but due to my aforementioned lack of reading skills, for some reason I thought it was due in on the tenth...
  9. J

    (AU, romance/comedy) Guys, Dolls and Pokémon

    Wow, my first Pokémon fic. ^_^ (Apart from the horrible Sue-story I wrote when I was ten, which doesn't count. *cough*) This one is based upon the musical Guys and Dolls, and splits from canon when Ash returns home from the Johto League - that means that AG never happened. It's rated PG...