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  1. K

    What other website(s) are you on right now? Vol. 2

    As requested by the staff, a restart of the old "What other website(s) are you on right now?" thread. For me, it's Gmail.
  2. K

    "Missing" posts

    I have a rather specific question. There seems to be a peculiar problem with some threads. Namely, posts sometimes don't show up at the time of being posted, but rather when someone else posts after that. For example, if you check a thread on its respective forum, without viewing its content...
  3. K

    Eurovision 2011

    Something for Europeans. Not that only Europeans could be interested. They're just probably the most familiar with this topic. It's almost time for the annual musical circus of ridiculous outfits and elaborate choreography. Oh, and there's some singing involved as well. I'm curious, do you...
  4. K

    I have a rather odd question: Can moderators see other people's Private Messages?

    I know this may be a peculiar thing to ask, but my friend and I were curious since we talk mostly via PMs. Can moderators see the contents of users' PMs?
  5. K

    Contest: Salamence vs. Metagross

    I've searched for this and couldn't find it, so here we go. VS Gen III was the only generation so far to introduce more than one pseudo-legendary, giving us the Salamence and Metagross lines. Both are popular within the fandom and both take a lot of training and patience to raise. In...
  6. K

    Kamex's Bold Banners and Audacious Avatars [REQUEST SPOTS OPEN]

    Photoshop-made banners for signatures, threads, blogs, etc. About the service Size [New rule March 12, 2011] There are 3 default dimensions of banners: ►Large: 560 x 145 (previously the default size) ►Medium: 445 x 115 ►Small: 385 x 100 Specify the size when requesting a...
  7. K

    Favourite cities/towns by region

    We've traveled through numerous places in the Pokémon games. A lot of those being cities and towns. Which town/city do you like best in each region and why? Mine are: Celadon in Kanto because it just looks appealing and natural, despite its size. Ecruteak in Johto because of the old...
  8. K

    Wish/suggestion for Black & White

    I hope something similar hasn't been posted already, at least I didn't find it. It's just a thought/wish/suggestion of mine that I simply had to post. It would be nice to see if the starters were available in the wild. At least some of them. If not the gen V ones, then the ones from previous...
  9. K

    Animals, Plants and other Things not already used for Pokémon

    Many of the Pokémon we know (and probably many future ones) are based on animals. With 4 generations, a lot of animals have been used as a basis for a Pokémon. Some several times. Do you have any ideas which animals haven't been used (yet)? I couldn't think of many. So, looking for animals...
  10. K

    Generation II: In the shadow of it's predecessor?

    Playing Heartgold brought back memories. Memories of how awesome it was to be 8 years old. :bounce: But I noticed something happening througout the entire games. Generation II Pokémon are actually very underused in their own games. Pay attetion and you will notice that gen I Pokémon are...