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  1. Pansear

    SPOILERS: Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread (V2)

    After seeing all footage of the anime and the games, I honestly love the new Lycanroc even more. Considering that it apparently doesn't evolve in a normal way and taking in to account the anime showing Rockruff evolving just as the Sun is leaving sight, causing that green light which is similar...
  2. Pansear

    SPOILERS: Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread (V2)

    If people want the more complete segment with anime video~
  3. Pansear

    SPOILERS: Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread (V2)

    I really like the new Lycanroc. :X I can understand disappointment from it being similar to pre-existing Lycanroc, though. Doesn't hurt that it's my favorite color, but at the very least I think it's a fun way to make Rockruff's arc in the anime feel more unique than if we were to get regular...