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    Seeking a very specific Treecko

    Before I begin, thank you to Zeb, who very kindly pointed me in the right direction with where to ask for this. I am looking for a male, Modest natured, non-shiny Treecko with specific IVs (31 in HP; Atk and Sp. Atk, 30 in Def, Sp. Def and Spd) so it will have 70 base power Hidden Power. If...
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    Hello again, Bulbagarden!

    Hello there, my name is Tricky Kipper (Kipper for short) and I have been using the Bulbagarden forums for a good while now. I keep drifting away and then coming back. I am a tireless user of Bulbapedia (but not contributor; if I'm honest, editing wikis confuses and scares me in equal measure...
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    BW2 Teams

    I'm completely surprised at how brilliant and dense BW2 are looking, and it's got me excited! Now that we have North American and European release dates, I've been unable to resist thinking about what team I'm going to use on my first playthrough, and I'd like to know what you've been...
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    Have you ever regretted a Pokémon trade?

    Like Ash regretted trading his Butterfree for Raticate; have you ever traded a Pokémon and then wished you hadn't? Did you even ask to trade back? Way back in Generation II, my best friend at the time and I were playing through Silver and Crystal, respectively, for the first time. I had become...
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    Pokémon: Seeing Red

    (Please be gentle with me, this is the first time I've tried writing fan-fiction. :P) _________________________________________________ POKÉMON: SEEING RED The tale of a rookie Trainer and his Pokémon, as they venture across the Johto region to become the equals of Indigo League Champion Red...
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    Contest: Pansage / Simisagei vs. Pansear / Simisear vs. Panpour / Simipour

    Yanappu / Yanakki VS. Baoppu / Baokki VS. Hiyappu / Hiyakki Which of the elemental monkeys do you prefer, and why? Do you think they're a good addition to the games? Will you be using any of them on your team? Personally, I love all three of the base forms; but I'm not too keen on the...
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    Natures, the Bane of My Life

    Natures. I hate 'em. I love 'em at the same time. I didn't bother with natures until Diamond and Pearl were released. Now I soft-reset at the start of each game so my starter has the right nature; I can't have a Pokémon on my team unless I catch it with the desired nature or I waste hours...
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    Hello, Bulbagarden!

    Hey everyone, first post here! I have no idea why it's taken me so long to join Bulbagarden, but here I am. I don't have much to say at the moment or much time to say it as I'm at work but hello! Glad ot be here!