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  1. J

    Lock the taskbar

    Lock the taskbar...... Click here I ROFL'd for a good few minutes :lol:
  2. J

    Why are the US so backward?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section but, Why do the US insist on using Farenheit(sp) when the rest of the world use Celcius? Why do the US use miles when the rest of the world use Kilometres? Why do the US use HDradio when the rest of the world use DAB or DAB+?
  3. J

    A good way to stop criminals

    I suggested this at work and was almost shot down instantly, though I still think its a good idea to help prevent misbehavour etc. Of course it wont totally prevent it but I think its a good way to prevent it. Why doesn't the government just take everyones fingerprints and/or DNA so if any...
  4. J

    The smell of outer space

    What do you guys think outer space smells like? :look:
  5. J

    Freebie thread

    A lot of people buy shit off Play-Asia, Amazon etc and a lot of the time you get coupons which you'll never use or you won't use for ages. I think we should share some of these codes etc for others to use... I have a Club Nintendo (US) code from the US Platinum that I bought in March, and I...
  6. J

    Yo Dawg

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1wZbIdlSTI& In case you're unfamiliar with the Yo Dawg meme.
  7. J

    What forums do you post on?

    Other then Bulbagarden, I post on PALGN, BigFooty and NarutoFan. What about you?
  8. J

    The Miley Cyrus hate

    Why does everyone not like her? Is there something I'm missing? She is an attractive teenager why do people bitch about her? Is it because you're all jealous?
  9. J

    Convenient changes in HG/SS

    After playing through up to Kanto in my Soul Silver game I cant believe how welcoming some of the changes have been from both G/S and even from recent games like Platinum. If you've played the game or watched videos etc please list some convenient changes that you feel were added well. I...
  10. J

    Hey forumers

    I suppose this is the place to put the greetings. In my endeavours to find a Pokemon forum to call my own I stumbled upon Bulbagarden, lurked a bit, and finally made the decision. Please accept me for who I am. Nice to meet you all. Kudos. :-p (Don't judge me on the nickname......)