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  1. Safe

    TEEN: Heart Swap

    Okay, so I've been a long time lurker here in the writers's workshop. I had been planning out this awesome saga for a really, and I mean REALLY long time. And finally I decided that I'm just going to write something new instead... sorry. The only thing I came up with for this story is the...
  2. Safe

    EVERYONE: Higher Dimensions of Thought

    So I published this thing I wrote recently to a site called Medium. Which is like the long form version of twitter. I thought I'd publish it here as well, since I'd love to discuss it. So, give it a quick read if you have the time and tell me what you think. Just don't overthink it. Link to the...
  3. Safe

    The 3 Keys to a Good Short Comment

    I'm sure that everyone, whether they're writers or readers, notice that when in the thread for a fic you find many comments, varying from the short "Wow, this is really good. Keep it up. :)" to the long full reviews. And to be honest, whenever I open a thread for a fic I always read the...
  4. Safe

    Flow and Pacing

    I found these great guides while searching the web, and they're very helpful.
  5. Safe

    Adventures of My 'Deaf' Trainer ~Chapter 1~

    OK after the utter failure of my first fanfic I took the time to come up with a new more solid one. Characters, plot twists and even a good title. Please give me your honest opinion I'm ok with harsh criticism as long as it's honest. ENJOY! Synopsis: Prologue “What’s taking...